Selasa, 30 November 2010

Searching for Muslim Outfit

I'm not into tunics, gamis, or abaya.
I'm not into bergo for daily hijab.
I need something more casual than that.
I browse fashion forum (that i know), and didn't find anything interesting.
In Indonesia, it's rare to find hijab store with a casual style. Most of them, think hijab should represent as something serious. Not that i think of that. I feel hijab as serious commitment.
But people need to be more creative to find hijab utilities that different than the market has provided.
As for instant hijab with scarf. My mom gave me 5 pieces of instant hijab with scarf in it, made from stretch laces . She bought it in Madinah when she went there for Hajj. And according ti my limited knowledge, Nur Zahra is the only place that sell those kind of hijab in a reasonable price. Other than that, i can only find real designers made it.
I hope i can find a better shop. Really hope so...

Minggu, 28 November 2010

The Amulet of Samarkand (The Bartimaeus Trilogy) - Book 1

Bed rest in a week is good for your health. Not for my sanity ;p
Boredom made me mussed my book shelves. Found myself a novel, but i only read page one, then got bored again.
My hubby gave me few magazines, CLEO, GRAZIA, Femina, and i finished them only in two days.
Then i remember my brother's book collections. He doesn't collect many. But most of them are good fantasy books. At first, i was looking for Magyk series by Angie Sage. Too bad he's only got two series of those. You know, curiosity kills the cat, right? And i don't want to killed by curiosity after a week of sickness, please.

I led my sight into three scary covered book. They're The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Straud. My brother has three of them. So i snatched the first book, The Amulet of Samarkand.
The first chapter was about Bartimaeus, a djinni got a call by a boy. The boy asked him to steal The Amulet of Samarkand, from a cocky greedy witch, Simon Lovelace. Bartimaeus did the risky job with lots of questions in mind. Who was the master of that boy? For heaven's sake, he was only 12 years old, and looks like he didn't know how big is the Amulet's power.

The action part of Bartimaeus sneaking into Lovelace's house was intriguing. He has to fight Jabor, and Faquarl, two of Lovelace's powerful djinnis and also Bartimaeus colleagues. They were so big, and more powerful than Bartimaeus. But an order still an order. If he bailed out, he has to risking his life. Good for Bartimaeus, he's a smart and tricky djinni.

After the job is done, Bartimaeus found out that Nathaniel, the boy, did it for revenge. A silly revenge, only because Lovelace mocked him once, and got his favorite teacher Ms.Lutyens, fired. Nathaniel meant to show Lovelace who's the boss. Unfortunately, he shown it wrong. Lovelace has a grand plan on that Amulet. A plan that would change the whole world of witch.

What i like:
Bartimaeus can change form into many things. Monkey, sparrow, or an Egyptian Boy (his favorite). So during the persecution of Nathaniel and himself, we're not only amazed on how good the action is, but also the transformations. The descriptions of situations, every details, spells, artifacts, are very good. You really can imagine it as real as you want. And one thing that i saluted Jonathan Straud is this book has satire humor, and also silly wordplay. Good one :D

Eh, by the way, this is not a new book. The second copy released in 2007. So for you who has read it.. sorry for the late review, hehehehe ...

Jumat, 26 November 2010

What i call heaven

So does every moslem i guess..

I believe in heaven lies under the mother's feet. I believe what Mohammad The Prophet said that we must respect our parents, especially mother. I believe, at that moment on, Mohammad The Prophet said 'Mother' three times then followed by 'Father' afterward.

I believe that in my heart.
I believe that's the key of me finding my heaven someday.
I believe that's the key of my heaven on earth.

I woke up this morning with hunger. Went to the dining table, i found another big bowl of capcay. I wonder, this capcay bowl was nearly empty last night. Then my maid said that My Mom cooked another bowl this morning, because ... i asked her.

In fact, i didn't ask anything. I just said that i really like the capcay, especially the meatballs, that's why i keep on munching yesterday.

But my Mom interpreted that as something that make me happy. So she made one other for me. Before the weekend over. Before the weekdays start, and her only daughter would back drowned in work and tight deadlines.

Tears burst in my heart. None of my family need to know how touched my heart was that time.

As for my Father. He's a heavy smoker. Four boxes of cigarettes a day! I don't like cigarette smoke, or bus's, burned trash's, or any smoke. My lungs can't take it much. Even i was a smoker for few years.
Anyway, every time i sat near by him, he'll open the door widely. Even at night, when he doesn't like it that way.
He ate steamed rice and veggies only the day earlier. Because i asked him if i can eat all of the sardines my Mom made. He knows that i was fed up with super smooth food, so when i'm allowed to eat something, he would not stand in my way.

On the night i got the blood test, he's the one that moving down to the lab by stairs and up to the cashier to pay, then back down to the lab again. For your information, he's hobble. His right (or left) foot got shrunk, left the burn feel on his foot, so it's hard for him to walk, and climbing stairs is torturing.

See how wonderful parents are?

Let's wish for our parent's eternal happiness, blessing and health.

Trying to Stay Awake

I should have total bed rest because of this typhoid thingy.
But i got too much sleep lately, until i got it hard to sleep well the last two nights. So, i decided to stay awake in this hours. Hoping that 3 hours from now, i can have a perfect beauty sleep until tomorrow.

Typhoid is really got me bored these days. I can't move, have to sleep all day, all night, chew a lot, eat soft foods, with no oil, no grill, no chili, no coconut milk, no fat, no chocolate..and any other no's.. also drink mineral water only.

I ate Nasi Tim Ayam three times a day, for four days! With soup, or sayur bayam. Then i fed up. They tasted bad in mouth later on. Maybe my sense got grunted ;p

So today, i begged my Mom to have different breakfast. She cooked me baked potato with steamed corned beef. Yeay! Red meat! She also made me capcay, contained mushroom, broccoli, carrot, meatballs, and beancurd. For dinner, she made me steamed catfish :) .

She even let my maid to steamed two pieces of sweet potato, and gave me a pack of cream plain crackers.

All to make me happier :D

Because i got headaches after too much sleep, i broke it with .. singing and dancing! Hahaha ..
i sang songs from two of my guilty pleasure boybands
Hahhaha xD

I don't even understand why people has any guilty pleasures. Pleasure should be fun. As long as it doesn't caused a dead loss of someone or society ;p . Then i figured that i have some sort of world class qualifications favorite bands. If i like those good bands, i feel a bit ashamed when i enjoy the cheesy ones. It's like degrading my intellectual taste. hahaha ... non sense. Is that happening to you also? Don't be ashamed to admit, it's human!

Making a good and easy listening music, is one other skill that we can't abandoned. It's also a skill. A smart way to sell your music is to gain more listener, right? And that's what boybands producers are doing. So, yes, i'm proud of my guilty pleasures.

Back to the dancing case, i know my Mom would disagree if she knew. And you know what? That's what a room key is for, hahaha ;D Of course i didn't make any heavy maneuvers on dancing.. i just move a bit to have some sweats.

Rabu, 24 November 2010

Missing Youuu...

This leave makes me missing one thing : holiday
Yeah i know, am not supposed to whine about it. Since i got a week for 'holiday'. I just miss the ambiance of breezy wind and warm sands under my feet.
I miss beach...
To be more specified, i miss Bali

I took this picture of Kuta Beach during sunset like months a go. I went there with my hubby. And just sit all afternoon, watching the beach breathing. It's so sincere, and beautiful.

Don't worry, i got plan! Insya Allah, me and two crazy girls of mine will go there 5 months to come. If that's happen, then that's gonna be my first holiday, at the beach, wearing hijab. Guess a lot of things will be needed to get that right, hahaha *excuses, i know*

Selasa, 23 November 2010

So happy!

I took a week leave because i got this typhoid. Should i be sad? Quite. But i feel most fortunate than that. I can glued to my bed all week, excluding the first three nights with high fever of course. I may be sick, but so grateful also :)

i sleep until 9 am.
Breakfast while browsing for an hour. Then sleep again. Woke up at 1pm, then lunch and browsing until 3pm.

Then i found this blog... of three awesome ladies :)

They just make me feel proud of myself, to wear hijab. To be honest, i still can't find my favorite style of hijab. I like something simple yet stylish and effortless. And they made me realize, there's so many things i can do about my style.

Alhamdulillah i found it. Gonna put their blog on my blog lists! Thanks gurls! ;P

Senin, 22 November 2010

I Like This

This Bianca top is screaming to my wallet. Unfortunate me, it's still a day before payment day!

I got this picture from One and A Half click here for visiting the website

The price is reasonable. The design is simple and i can use some for hijab :)
Happy happy!!!

Next Day

After the first round, we're having Iedul Adha. So it was fine. Me and my family visited my mom's eldest sister. No question about my hijab, relieving :)

Thursday, i found few people mocked me with Islamic's greetings. They took a bow, and put their hands together while they did it, then they laughed. Some did a few times in a day. Made me feel silly. I can take that as a joke, for the first time. But second, third, and the next greetings started to irritate me. I didn't see they mocked me, but also mocked Islam's greetings. Sadly, it came from my Moslem friends.

It's been a dilemma. In my new look, people expect me to be nicer, friendly, and polite. But wearing hijab, doesn't mean that i changed into an angel in a snap. And that doesn't mean people can push me to the edge to prove it. I'm still human, with feelings, and needs to be appreciated.

I choose to switched my anger into motivation. I believe it's just a start :)

Then God answered my question quite fast. On Friday, i got many supports from another friends :)

That day, i went to my mother in law. And they got surprised to see my new look. Especially my youngest sister in law. She was so excited, she asked every details, and how can i wear Cotton Ink Shawl into hijab. She also show me some hijab online shops, and what kind of Paris fabrics i should search for. Am beyond happy :)

Family is the best treasure to lift up my mood ;)

Insya Allah, after these days, i will always have faith in my hand to live in this new life :) nothing's gonna beat me down :)

Kamis, 18 November 2010

First Entry

As introduction, i want to share my journey before wearing hijab.
On Monday, November 15, 2010, i texted my big boss in the morning. Said that i have something in mind, so that i had to meet her.

At 10 am, she arrived at the office after a heavy traffic. I decided to talk about my willing to wear hijab in modest way. Even though i was thrilled to death inside. The problem was, my office had a 'silent code' about hijab. They don't really support people who wear hijab. Worst part is, some people told me that hijab is not a good choice for my career. Gladly my big boss said that i don't have to worry about that. As long as i can keep up with the good work, nothing else is matter :)

As i walked out of her room, my heart started a drama. I was so sure to start wearing hijab immediately. But the other side, i was worried about people in my office, how they would react. I know, that i'm not a saint. I say things bitterly, sharp tongue woman, and rarely did a saint-alike-thing. I'm afraid that people would judge me, that it's only a mask, it's not a proper outfit for me, am not that religious and so on.

I started to share this to a friend. She didn't react as i wish. She even told me that it would be BIG, considering me as myself is controversial. And she can't wait to see that. Not a good reaction that i need. I guess i picked the right person in the wrong time :)

Then i searched for another opinion. But i said none to my husband. For me, his first opinion is the base cake (so i asked him a year a go ;p), and his last opinion is the sparkle on top of the cake. So i need to asked another people for the body of the cake. Anything to built my confidence. After long chat, and talked heart to heart with some other friends, i was relieved :) Soooo relieved until i cannot wait for tomorrow.

I'm glad Lord send me those people to make me certain of what i was going to do.

What happened then? I'll post it later :)