Kamis, 18 November 2010

First Entry

As introduction, i want to share my journey before wearing hijab.
On Monday, November 15, 2010, i texted my big boss in the morning. Said that i have something in mind, so that i had to meet her.

At 10 am, she arrived at the office after a heavy traffic. I decided to talk about my willing to wear hijab in modest way. Even though i was thrilled to death inside. The problem was, my office had a 'silent code' about hijab. They don't really support people who wear hijab. Worst part is, some people told me that hijab is not a good choice for my career. Gladly my big boss said that i don't have to worry about that. As long as i can keep up with the good work, nothing else is matter :)

As i walked out of her room, my heart started a drama. I was so sure to start wearing hijab immediately. But the other side, i was worried about people in my office, how they would react. I know, that i'm not a saint. I say things bitterly, sharp tongue woman, and rarely did a saint-alike-thing. I'm afraid that people would judge me, that it's only a mask, it's not a proper outfit for me, am not that religious and so on.

I started to share this to a friend. She didn't react as i wish. She even told me that it would be BIG, considering me as myself is controversial. And she can't wait to see that. Not a good reaction that i need. I guess i picked the right person in the wrong time :)

Then i searched for another opinion. But i said none to my husband. For me, his first opinion is the base cake (so i asked him a year a go ;p), and his last opinion is the sparkle on top of the cake. So i need to asked another people for the body of the cake. Anything to built my confidence. After long chat, and talked heart to heart with some other friends, i was relieved :) Soooo relieved until i cannot wait for tomorrow.

I'm glad Lord send me those people to make me certain of what i was going to do.

What happened then? I'll post it later :)

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