Rabu, 24 November 2010

Missing Youuu...

This leave makes me missing one thing : holiday
Yeah i know, am not supposed to whine about it. Since i got a week for 'holiday'. I just miss the ambiance of breezy wind and warm sands under my feet.
I miss beach...
To be more specified, i miss Bali

I took this picture of Kuta Beach during sunset like months a go. I went there with my hubby. And just sit all afternoon, watching the beach breathing. It's so sincere, and beautiful.

Don't worry, i got plan! Insya Allah, me and two crazy girls of mine will go there 5 months to come. If that's happen, then that's gonna be my first holiday, at the beach, wearing hijab. Guess a lot of things will be needed to get that right, hahaha *excuses, i know*

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