Senin, 22 November 2010

Next Day

After the first round, we're having Iedul Adha. So it was fine. Me and my family visited my mom's eldest sister. No question about my hijab, relieving :)

Thursday, i found few people mocked me with Islamic's greetings. They took a bow, and put their hands together while they did it, then they laughed. Some did a few times in a day. Made me feel silly. I can take that as a joke, for the first time. But second, third, and the next greetings started to irritate me. I didn't see they mocked me, but also mocked Islam's greetings. Sadly, it came from my Moslem friends.

It's been a dilemma. In my new look, people expect me to be nicer, friendly, and polite. But wearing hijab, doesn't mean that i changed into an angel in a snap. And that doesn't mean people can push me to the edge to prove it. I'm still human, with feelings, and needs to be appreciated.

I choose to switched my anger into motivation. I believe it's just a start :)

Then God answered my question quite fast. On Friday, i got many supports from another friends :)

That day, i went to my mother in law. And they got surprised to see my new look. Especially my youngest sister in law. She was so excited, she asked every details, and how can i wear Cotton Ink Shawl into hijab. She also show me some hijab online shops, and what kind of Paris fabrics i should search for. Am beyond happy :)

Family is the best treasure to lift up my mood ;)

Insya Allah, after these days, i will always have faith in my hand to live in this new life :) nothing's gonna beat me down :)

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