Selasa, 30 November 2010

Searching for Muslim Outfit

I'm not into tunics, gamis, or abaya.
I'm not into bergo for daily hijab.
I need something more casual than that.
I browse fashion forum (that i know), and didn't find anything interesting.
In Indonesia, it's rare to find hijab store with a casual style. Most of them, think hijab should represent as something serious. Not that i think of that. I feel hijab as serious commitment.
But people need to be more creative to find hijab utilities that different than the market has provided.
As for instant hijab with scarf. My mom gave me 5 pieces of instant hijab with scarf in it, made from stretch laces . She bought it in Madinah when she went there for Hajj. And according ti my limited knowledge, Nur Zahra is the only place that sell those kind of hijab in a reasonable price. Other than that, i can only find real designers made it.
I hope i can find a better shop. Really hope so...

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