Jumat, 26 November 2010

Trying to Stay Awake

I should have total bed rest because of this typhoid thingy.
But i got too much sleep lately, until i got it hard to sleep well the last two nights. So, i decided to stay awake in this hours. Hoping that 3 hours from now, i can have a perfect beauty sleep until tomorrow.

Typhoid is really got me bored these days. I can't move, have to sleep all day, all night, chew a lot, eat soft foods, with no oil, no grill, no chili, no coconut milk, no fat, no chocolate..and any other no's.. also drink mineral water only.

I ate Nasi Tim Ayam three times a day, for four days! With soup, or sayur bayam. Then i fed up. They tasted bad in mouth later on. Maybe my sense got grunted ;p

So today, i begged my Mom to have different breakfast. She cooked me baked potato with steamed corned beef. Yeay! Red meat! She also made me capcay, contained mushroom, broccoli, carrot, meatballs, and beancurd. For dinner, she made me steamed catfish :) .

She even let my maid to steamed two pieces of sweet potato, and gave me a pack of cream plain crackers.

All to make me happier :D

Because i got headaches after too much sleep, i broke it with .. singing and dancing! Hahaha ..
i sang songs from two of my guilty pleasure boybands
Hahhaha xD

I don't even understand why people has any guilty pleasures. Pleasure should be fun. As long as it doesn't caused a dead loss of someone or society ;p . Then i figured that i have some sort of world class qualifications favorite bands. If i like those good bands, i feel a bit ashamed when i enjoy the cheesy ones. It's like degrading my intellectual taste. hahaha ... non sense. Is that happening to you also? Don't be ashamed to admit, it's human!

Making a good and easy listening music, is one other skill that we can't abandoned. It's also a skill. A smart way to sell your music is to gain more listener, right? And that's what boybands producers are doing. So, yes, i'm proud of my guilty pleasures.

Back to the dancing case, i know my Mom would disagree if she knew. And you know what? That's what a room key is for, hahaha ;D Of course i didn't make any heavy maneuvers on dancing.. i just move a bit to have some sweats.

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