Jumat, 26 November 2010

What i call heaven

So does every moslem i guess..

I believe in heaven lies under the mother's feet. I believe what Mohammad The Prophet said that we must respect our parents, especially mother. I believe, at that moment on, Mohammad The Prophet said 'Mother' three times then followed by 'Father' afterward.

I believe that in my heart.
I believe that's the key of me finding my heaven someday.
I believe that's the key of my heaven on earth.

I woke up this morning with hunger. Went to the dining table, i found another big bowl of capcay. I wonder, this capcay bowl was nearly empty last night. Then my maid said that My Mom cooked another bowl this morning, because ... i asked her.

In fact, i didn't ask anything. I just said that i really like the capcay, especially the meatballs, that's why i keep on munching yesterday.

But my Mom interpreted that as something that make me happy. So she made one other for me. Before the weekend over. Before the weekdays start, and her only daughter would back drowned in work and tight deadlines.

Tears burst in my heart. None of my family need to know how touched my heart was that time.

As for my Father. He's a heavy smoker. Four boxes of cigarettes a day! I don't like cigarette smoke, or bus's, burned trash's, or any smoke. My lungs can't take it much. Even i was a smoker for few years.
Anyway, every time i sat near by him, he'll open the door widely. Even at night, when he doesn't like it that way.
He ate steamed rice and veggies only the day earlier. Because i asked him if i can eat all of the sardines my Mom made. He knows that i was fed up with super smooth food, so when i'm allowed to eat something, he would not stand in my way.

On the night i got the blood test, he's the one that moving down to the lab by stairs and up to the cashier to pay, then back down to the lab again. For your information, he's hobble. His right (or left) foot got shrunk, left the burn feel on his foot, so it's hard for him to walk, and climbing stairs is torturing.

See how wonderful parents are?

Let's wish for our parent's eternal happiness, blessing and health.

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