Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Drooling over youuu!

Too much spending time in front of computer, and browse about cute stuffs always make me ecstatic.
Finding a new brand, label or place to shop give me good feeling.
Like when i found this brand, Mimo.
It's not a new brand, i believe.
I have heard some of the reviews from people. But today is the first time i checked on them.
Their collection is quite interesting, and they have a good price.

I like these, they are Bianca.. Looks so casual, yet preppy..

And i like this oversized clutch also. Her name is Blair- my favorite character on Gossip Girl :)--what a coincidence? all pictures courtesy of Mimo

Huff, exhale.. now what i have to do is saving saving saviiiingg!!!

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