Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

Few days a go

courtesy of onlinemovieshut.com

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1..

i Looooove Love this movie.

My office held a preview few weeks a go. Right in time i got sick. More than a week later, i felt the urge to watch it. Not because i'm a good fan of Harry Potter movies. But because i was so worried i didn't get a chance to watch it in cinema, since all my friends and cousins had it. I have no one to keep me company than him. And he's too busy. 

Thank God, i had a chance to ask him out few days a go. We went to the last show, on 9 PM. I was very tired, but excited, and didn't want to loose this chance. Fortunate me, he's out from the office by 8 PM. After bought the tickets, we eat at Golden Century La Mien. Slurrpy slurrrpy foood!


and then the snacks

and nope, i didn't eat them during the movie. I just need to keep snacks for my gastro. Of course the cinema's cafetaria don't sell it. I bought them from Impulse, hihihihi ;P Oh nevermind, let's watch the movie!

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