Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

Garage Sale at The Office

Me with Madu and two of my senior colleagues held this garage sale. I need to get reed of capri pants, tank tops and short dresses. The other two simply just want to get rid some of their clothes off. Too bad i didn't capture it all. It was the first time i held a garage sale by my self, and i was quite busy because i wasn't aware that i have to make note for the stuffs that sold. Hahaha ;p silly!

There were some strategies i can share by learn from our garage sale:

1. Make a good trade. One of my senior made Buy Two Get One Free. She brought two large bags. The black one contains clothes with price. The red one contains the free gift. We can pick two from the black, then move to the red afterward. That.Was.A.Good.Strategy! People keep on coming, buy one-- try to buy two--then get the free one.

2. Tell people the stories behind the dress. This was a strategy of the other senior. She try to sell a dark blue dress, with ruffles on chest, flowing and so pretty. She said that "I wore that once, for Mr.B's wedding". Just for you to know, Mr.B is one of our board director. And she sell it in a very good price! Too bad it doesn't fit on me.

3. Be a confused seller. Just like me, and Madu. We didn't know how to put a price on clothes. In the end, we gave the cheapest price. I was kinda regret it. But well, as long as those clothes are out of my closet, then i'm good :)

So pick your strategy before you make your own your garage sale!

Here are some pictures.. if you..errr.. would like to know ;p 

Further notice: if these caused irritation to your eyes, i'm so sorry.

This is Krilo, my ex room-mate. She got this red dress for .. free? The gift after bought two clothes, remember? Nice, huh? :)

After the garage sale and a meeting, i craved for grilled banana so much! So me and these two  went to warung roti bakar, to buy grilled banana and indomie. Girl with the black dress is Othine. She is the designer behind the brand MILCAH. I will put some pictures of her creation later on. And girl with checker blouse is the one and only Onbinbut, hihihi ...

We were so content until Madu came.. Hahaha!

One thing about Madu, she will make your life even more crazy. Look at this picture for example. We were trying to take picture together, because we were wearing the same outerwear. Well, i JUST bought the orange outerwear from her. When Onbinbut counted one.. two.. then right before she pushed the button, Madu did that maneuver, hahaha!

She really can't stop moving.. she made Onbinbut harder to catch the normal picture. Not to mention with the normal qualification also. She made the picture went blur! But i really can't stand not to put it in this blog. Madu strike a pose!

Uung (the Sis girl) - Me - Madu

Still, Madu won the coolest pose. Hahaha ... Em, by the way, my hijab was made from Nikicio's scarf. One of my wishlist :) I got it from Centro Department Store, the last scarf item from Nikicio For Centro. For like 4 meters scarf with good fabrics and three colors combined, this scarf is affordable. And the good part is, i like the way the rayon fabrics fit on my head and stand still on my shoulder. Definitely going to search for this kind of fabric for more. Alhamdulillah 'nexth month' came earlier.

Eh, this is one of the picture from Nikicio for Centro. I put this once more so that you can clearly see how the scarf is, if you don't use it for hijab.

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