Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

A Good Deal!

Let me introduced you to this person. She's L. She was my desk mate in my office for..eer..2 years maybe. Now she's spreading her wings to catch her passion, which are travel, eat, and find a job with a huge and hug-able salary ;p (her pic is taken from L's facebook account)

L, is quite a penny wise. By the time, she lifted that ability to a discount hunter. She can smell the discount from far. Buy one get one, half price, even only 15% discounts (which is only cut the tax price), she can sense it, hehehe...

Then, she introduced people (including me), to

courtesy of disdus.com
It's a discount site, that offers different discount every day. From the picture, you can read the price from a glimpse, right? IDR 45.000 for a lunch at Shabu-shabu House. It's a very good deal, for a Shabu-shabu House...a very good one :)

I intended to buy two coupons. But since i'm still at home, away from atm, i'll put it on wait until tomorrow :)

The second site is

courtesy of dealkeren.com
I'm interested in the deal for Tea Addict. Only IDR 25.000, you can have tea, or meal in that cafe. Too bad, the offer stays only until 14 hours to come. I don't think i can move myself to the nearest ATM to transfer the money in that time.

Why 14 hours to come? Well, these both sites, give you box of time warning about how many time left until the expired date. Nice features, right?

So, about the mechanism, i'll let you know asap until i finally make my deal, okay? ;)

Oh oh...
Btw, if you open these sites, you may find L's picture as one of their fans on their fanpages ;p

Have a Good Day!

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