Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Hey Miss Purple :)

How are you doing down there? I hope you like your new home, Tik :)
I didn't come to your funeral, i'm sorry. I got to work, can't leave it..but i had it reported nicely by Deon. He captured few pictures, and post them on Twitter. It went good, right?
Today, a miracle happened once again.
People read my writing about you. Deon read it first, then tweeted about it on @jtug . My hubby also mentioned it on his account.
The writing is about your message. Then that post about you get the most viewer of all my posts. It means your message about passive smoker, is spreading again

In the other hand, it also tells people about how generous and considerate person you are. I hope you'd feel happy about it, i hope everybody feel good about it. So people get to know you again from my point of view. I may not your best friend of all time, i don't know you too much. But i think this is the best way of how i'm supposed to know you. Mostly in positive impressions. And i'm grateful for our simple friendship.

I can see people are still struggling through their mourning times, including me.
Someday, someway, those tears and sad tweets from your friends, also my post, will change into silence prayers. Sincere from the bottom of our hearts. And we hope those prayers will accompany you until the end of time. Because we will always love you Tika :')

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