Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Kidnapped Ally #2

We're so crazy about this labeeeel..!
Crazy like Kreziiiiiiiiiiiiih :))
Due to me and my friend s's plan to wear new clothes to our Narnia 3 premiere, i forced Kidnapped Ally to answer my message on their facebook.
There were misunderstanding. I thought they would close the online store forever. Later on they explained it was only for Jak Cloth '10. Well, you know how a big exhibitions take lots of preparations. I totally can understand that. Good news is, we can still order from them afterward. Great ;)
So, after the package came, we decided to take pictures.
And i'm sorry... so sorry if you feel nausea, dizzy, or irritated eyes after you see these pictures. I have warned you though.

Dea (square tee classic blue), Chibi (shawl tee white-red stripes), me and oni (Long sleeves crop floral peach)

One thing you have to believe, that we tried our best to be models of fashion blog. We have tried...

Two different styles of Long sleeves cropped. I think we're good, eh .. i think the shirts made us look good :P

We LOVE Kidnapped Ally!!!!!!!!

2 komentar:

  1. Ihh ada aku hahaha NARSIS!

    Yaoloh berasa seleb dueh, nonton premiere film aja musti pake baju baru.. *preeett

  2. iiih ada chibi..bajunya langsung dipake lagi, oho oho oho xD