Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Kidnapped Ally

I found this label from Fiminin.
Then i browse on their facebook, found their blog and facebook. Bot i fell in love with.
Their latest collection called Uneven Sleeves. There were two types of these. White with red stripes, and black. I ordered the white with stripes, only for 120 IDR. Quite cheap, right?

Surprisingly, the backside is pass over my knees. It's a long shirt, some of my shorter friend can use this as dress.
I like the bottom side. This inverted 'V makes the dress look cute.
The label.. Kidnapped Ally..
Unfortunately, we can't order it from their online shop anymore. I don't know whether they find difficulties to divine which one should be sell in online and other in shops (they also put their collections in some distros). Or maybe they have no one to manage the online shop.
I'm quite sad, because for a working person like me, shopping online is a good options to keep ourselves sane. Me and my friends don't have lot of time to do window shopping to find good stuffs. We were bide by deadlines.
So, Kidnapped Ally ... if you read this, you know what to consider, ahaha :)
Anyway, good job Kidnapped Ally.. we love your collections

2 komentar:

  1. hello..
    this is cute! I must check this brand on FB :D

  2. anyway, they're on Jak Cloth this weekend..you should come and get it. They said lots of good clothes will be on sale.