Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Miike Snow

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I am a fan of indie music/band/singer. For me, indie is the new air for music industry. The reasons are:

- Sometimes, when the world keep playing 'Melayu Pop' song, and your heart decline that kind of genre, but there were no new song from your favorite band/singer from the genre you love, that's when you will love indie's.
- When you love few genre of musics, and imagine if they could blend together, that's what you're gonna get from indie's.
- When you're so fed up with the mainstream singer/band perform acts, you know you need a bit of indie
- When you feel like need some controversial, dangerous lyrics, that can not be find in mainstream area, you can find it in indie's.

Indie music, is the rainbow after the long draining rain.

The last months, i was into mainstream. I listen to Beyonce and Gaga, Parachute, even Girls Generation and Super Junior.
After few months, i feel that they don't give me the vibe of musical spirit that i need. They don't pretty much wake me up/boost my mood.

Until i hear Miike Snow - Cult Logic on the radio.
The vibe is on again.

Miike Snow is an indie band, with electropop genre.
Ii love electropop music so much. The beat, the rythm, always succeed to move my head.
And this is the link to listen to them on Youtube. Enjoy!

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