Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Oh my Gosh

I've been abandoned this blog for such a long time :(

The card reader broken, i barely have time to find the new one.

And now, i'm not in a good condition. There was a lump on my neck.. and it caused me a fever. A very high fever, until my face turned red, tears fell down, and i barely could shut my eyes.

I have to take high dose of antibiotics for ten days, while i still have lotsa chores to do.

The one that make me sad was, its happening right a month after i got typhus. And make me hit the lowest point of myself. I asked Allah for HIS purpose on this. Why always hard times? Why always about my health? Why in a month?

But you know, in life, you have to find a lot of things to be grace for in this circumstances.. :)

Such as, I could sleep all day, and be a spoiled brat at my Mom's house. I could talk to my hub the whole night, which is a rare moment for us.
And walking in the morning, just to get some sweat, breathe in fresh air :)

Huff... there, i need to pull my self together. Let's yell!

Long Live my seeeeeeelf!!!!! :))

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