Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Pinkish Weekend

Normally, pink is not the color i used to pick. And it's not my favorite color also. But pink, is the dress code at yesterday's event.. 

Because I'm quite a tomboy, so i avoid the impression of girlie-look. Besides, i have already plan to wear my shredded jeans for this event. So i went to Thamrin City, to buy something pinkish :)

This is what i did

Pink legging, bought in Thamrin City for only 20k, with shredded jeans bought in Miss Quirky garage sale for 50k :)

And this is me:

Pink pashmina and dark blue manset, all bought from Thamrin City, each for 20k (let's screaming cheaaaap!) :) 

The blue manset and pink legging made from comfortable and chilly fabrics. I will tell the whole story of Thamrin City later on. I can say that Thamrin City is heaven for hijabers. Cheap stuffs, quite good quality, lot of variations, air conditioned market that makes you feel comfort to stay longer, and have a lot of outlets :)

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