Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Two Types of Friends

After wear hijab, some friends came to me and told me that they have intentions to wear hijab also.
The first type, i believe, still on their first recognition. Which is, they are in the phase that see hijab as something good. They want to use it, but still don't know when and how. They are still collecting guts and faith to do so.

The second ones, told me that they already have the guts, but don't have a faith on their selves. A friend even told me, that she embarrassed by her way of pray. That she has not fulfilled the five times of pray in a day. So for her, it's still not good to start wearing hijab.

To my first type of friends, i suggested that they can wear hijab only when they are ready to. I know, and believe that hijab is a must in Islam. But i cannot blame their fear because of life in pluralism. And hijabers are known for radical moslem in my country. A lot of people are afraid to wear hijab, because they don't want to get accused of joining the organization that bombed several hotels. They are also afraid of not getting boyfriend. Although they also know, that Allah has established a perfect life-mate for them. But still, the fear is on.

So i respect them for that. That's even better than pushing their selves to wear hijab, then they open it up again just because their faith fades away.

For the second type, i have to explain deeper.
Moreover, they are house wives, their husbands agree by their decision of wear hijab. So what are they're waiting for?
I said to them, me, wear a hijab, doesn't mean that i'm a prophet now. Hijab doesn't turn me into a saint, a holy person. No!
Quoting from Agam, my friend's little brother, hijab is not a measure of a person's morality.
And i agreed with him.

When you wear a hijab, yes, people would expect higher than what you were. Automatically, you would try to pleased people by changing your bad habit, a step at a time. It takes time, and sometimes a very long time. Slowly but sure, your good deed will become a new habit. Than, you would become what people expect from a person in hijab.

Nobody can change their self in a snap. Believe me, and Allah knows it better than we do.

So, if you have a chance, guts, faith, and nothing/nobody stand in your way, why wait?

Because there is no other better day of wearing hijab, than today, when your heart say so.

Ps: this post is fully my opinion, based on my belief. No offense. If there's any mistake, or misunderstanding, please do forgive me.

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