Jumat, 10 Desember 2010

What's So Funny? :)

It's Friday, and we were taking overtime. Blame it to deadlines, chores, and preparations for next event. After Maghrib, we started to need a break. Recently, Madu's friend sent her link to a video about Mop Papua.

Mop Papua is a tradition to make a silly-yet funny stories. If Sumatran people use 'pantun', then Papua has Mop. Every Papua's citizen should make their own Mop, then share it to relatives, or in communal events. Sometimes it parodied the city's tale, or compare to other city's tradition (please correct me if I'm wrong). The Mop's aren't always funny, but have to be creative. Because creativeness is relative, there are some people who are famous because of their Mop, or sometimes well known for their less. No matter who's better, they do it continuously to conserve the city's heritage. 

We, as citizen who live in big city, definitely hard to know this kind of treasure. So thanks those people who conserve this heritage through technology like Youtube. They make 'Epen kah Cupen toh'.

Madu set us all, to watch few videos of Epen kah Cupen Toh. And all that we did is laugh out loud!! Their video are silly! Even not every video is quite funny, but it's entertaining. Look at their face...

Madu - Chibi - Othine - Mbak Nur - Onbinbut... :)

Later on, a lot more people joined them, and laughed together :)

If you care to watch those videos, please open this link below:


Have a nice Friday Night!

Assalamualaikum ;)

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