Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

You Know What?

Before I wear hijab, I tend to dislike hijabers women.

Because I met a lot of them use hijab only to prevent their head from heat, when they ask for money on the corner of the streets. Yes, they’re beggars!!!

Because I met a lot of hijabers carry a plastic folder (or paper folder), and ask for (again) money, but for ‘serious’ charity reason. They usually waited outside the supermarket, or in the parking lot. Waiting for us to passing by. They said, it’s for mosque or moslem’s orphanage’s construction projects. Even I doubt the constructions projects were real and still going on.

Because I met one old lady wear a hijab, interfered the queue when I wanted to take wudhu.

Because I met some hijabers that were narrow minded. They think sinners will always be sinners. They forget that Allah is VERY FORGIVING don’t they? And they are usually judgmental. They forgot the fact, that Allah wants us to treat EVERYONE fairly and wisely. (Few bad experiences with them left marks on my mind. But I do have good hijabers friends. And if you have a lot of good experiences with hijabers, and never have the bad one, then lucky you ;))

And now I’m here. I got so many things to do in mind, to break all the facts I have been seen.

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