Senin, 31 Januari 2011

My Friends About Hijab

Last Saturday, I met my college friends for Arisan, at Pulau Dua. The dress code was white top on dark blue jeans.. quite common as compared to our older theme of dress codes ;p This was my presence after two months because of my illness. So I was so happy about it, and expecting to hear some stories from them. Especially them who started to wear hijab in the year 2010.

I won't deny it. One of my strength to wear hijab also came from both of them, Kiky and Dijo. I feel like i have companions, towards the changes i assumed i would experienced after wear hijab. That's why i want to share their stories about their struggle through their selves. Because just like we know it, the most influencing and dangerous person to stand in our way to wear hijab is our self.

Kiky - Me- Dijo - Eric


She’s the first member of our group that wearing hijab on 2010. I didn’t remember the exact month, approximately maybe six months later. Based on her story, she didn’t experience any contradiction or negative responds from her family or office. Her boss supported her good intentions, and asked her not to restrain her good will. Her office colleagues also didn’t mind at all. They’re just surprised, considering Kiky used to wear fit body clothes, and hijab made it all turn upside down.

She started to wear hijab with no preparation at all. She started on Monday, and only got pair of clothes to wear until Wednesday. In the mean time, she didn’t have much money to spend for new clothes. But Allah has another better plan for her.

Out of nowhere, her boss came to her, and gives her some money. The boss said it was bonus from the company. Kiky was surprised, relieved and feel graceful… alhamdulillah. There will always a way when you want to do something good for your belief :)

But she received a weird.. totally weir response from … a stranger. Stranger she met on a public transportation (I didn’t remember if it was a plane, train, or bus). The woman (stranger) sat next to Kiky, and asked about Kiky’s age. When Kiky mentioned it, the woman said: “Why did you have to be so hurry to wear hijab? Why don’t you wear it after you’re married?”

Kiky was speechless, but maintained to smile and decided to sheer away that woman.

That story made us laughed big time. Then Dijo said: “I think she better learn, that this is the actual right time for you to wear hijab. Why should you wait until you get married? Hehehe… “


A month after Kiky wear hijab, me, Dijo and Richi gathered on a day for a poor arisan. There were only us three because the other members couldn’t come. That day, we talked a lot, especially about hijab. After I told them that my office prefer me with my hair on, Dijo went pale, and she said, “Hmm.. now I don’t know what keeps me waiting. My husband agreed, my office never forbid anyone to wear hijab. I think it’s just me then? Hahaha.”

That conversations left us with lots of issues in mind. Is wearing hijab should be that hard? We have to fight and crossed the border in our environment? Is wearing hijab so scary until it’s hard for us to decide when will we wear it? Am I a bad Moslem if I still have a doubt in heart about hijab? Am I? Am I? Am I? So what should I do?

Month later, I met Dijo at Pacific Place. She was out for movie with her colleagues, I was there for Jakarta Fashion Week. We met accidentally at the musholla. We didn’t talk much, nothing about hijab also, only a little chit chat, and off.

A day after, she wear her first hijab to the office. She went to her boss, and tell about her intention. Her boss’s response was surprising. He/She doesn’t mind if any of his/her employee wear hijab. But he/she doesn’t believe in Dijo’s aim, hahahaha! They don’t believe that Dijo has that strong willing to wear hijab. I was laughing out loud when she told me that. It was so hilarious! Hahahaha!

The good response came from Dijo’s mother in law. They met in Dijo’s new house selametan, when Dijo already wear hijab. She asked Dijo, “Do you wear it only for this time?”

Dijo said, “Nope, insya Allah its forever..”

Her Mother in law smile and said, “Oh, I’m so happy to hear that. And please, don’t ever take it off ..”

For your information, her mother in law is not a Moslem :) isn’t life so beautiful when we can support each other no matter what our religion is?

So that’s the stories from my friends…. Good, bad, funny or lucky, everything could be happen in our way to wear hijab. The process itself, may not an easy one, but you will always have a wisdom afterward :)

Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Fashion Blogger Yardsale #4

I had a blast on last Friday..
had lunch with the crazy gurls, at some Indian restaurant in Bellagio. Too bad i forget the name :( The Indian restaurant was by Othine's reccomendations. And when i got there, i felt a bit worry because the restaurant's smells like strong spices from India. You can guess it :)
But after ordering some food *a.k.a a lot!*, the girls started to love it! They're delicious!
we had a great time :))

Afterward, i went back to office with Madu, finishing some chores, and wait up for Rani, my sister in law. We were going to Fashion Blogger Yardsale #4..! Yeay! :))

I knew the first yardsale from Diana Rikasari's blog. Then the 4th from Hanna Farid's tweet. And i had plan it from a week before to come and check some things *i assumed* are cool to buy..hehehe..

When i got there.. well, i can say it was fun. Not all the stuffs were secondhand, but lots of them were new.
Unfortunately, for me, i didn't find a lot. I just had one white bat wing shirt from Fifi Alvianto's stand. Chibi also got one shirt, she can't remember it, hahaha... My sister in law? She found a lot of things interesting, but didn't buy any.
*Chibi and Rani*

In my humble perspective, maybe a lot of people do the same like Rani. I can understand that this Yardsale items are from fashion people. But not all the visitor were a fashion people. They might not now how to use those items, which some are too quirky, and some are too high fashioned. It's just two different worlds, come into one in Mazee FX :)

So, is that event worth to come? Yes! Even if you didn't find anything suits for you, you still can feel the good vibe. I found some people took pictures with Helen-fashion maverick, and Diana Rikasari(of course). Or some visitors came in a very questionable kind of style, which made me and Rani talked about on our way home, hehehe...

And still, i would very reccomend this event for you to come :))

Selasa, 18 Januari 2011


I've tried, and satisfied enough :)
After a long time i wanted to try this discount site, finally i made an order yesterday. I choose the deal for Brewhouse at Senayan City. A Rp 25.000 voucher, valueable 50.000.
I submitted the order form yesterday afternoon, and payed up at night.
But there were an accident. When i submitted my order, accidentally i click their twitter logo on the site. Afterward, my tweet column contains their Brewhouse promo sentences. I thought, it might because i didn't tweet it, so they stick on my column. But even i tweeted it, they didn't disappear. I choose to tell them through the discussion board. They replied it, said that they would check on it by morning.

That was a quick respond, and ease my worry a bit. When i go to the hospital, for my lump check up. While i waited for the prescription, i transfered my payment to Dealkeren. Assuming that if i paid for it, then the sentences will forever disappear (stupid thought, huh? Hahahaha).

This morning, i opened my twitter on PC, and the sentences still on! It really bothered me. So i send a tweet to @Dealkeren , asked them to check it out. They replied, asked me to take the screen shot, and send it to them. Unfortunately, my browser went low, and i can't send it. Huh! But @Dealkeren keep on replying my complaints. They said, it might be the twitter error, and they were sorry they can't give me any help.

Luckily, L, my friend (remember? She's the discount hunter i posted before?), replied my conversations with @Dealkeren. She asked me to clear my cache. I did what she said, but nothing really happened. Then she asked me to clear my cache and cookies. Voila! The promo sentences disappear! :) Am so happy and i know it so i clapped my hands, hehehe ...

The other good news was, i received the voucher for Brewhouse from Dealkeren in my inbox mail! FYI, i sent my confirmation payment only few hours before. The grin on my face went even bigger :D Hahaha ...

So, yes.. this discount site is recommended. Their offers and service, both are good :) I'll let you know what i'm gonna do with the vouchers later :))

Minggu, 16 Januari 2011


Dear Jakarta

Two hours from Cipete to Ambasador was crazy...

That's why i decided to take pictures from Jl.Wijaya. to ease the boringness...


an hour on this street! Amazing...

Another half an hour on Tendean...

And another half an hour on Mega Kuningan

Because Ambasador's traffic was worse, i went to Semanggi instead. I can't take more traffic, neither does my driver...

Senin, 10 Januari 2011

New Scarves by Kami Idea :)

I found Kami Idea, an online shop, from a forum about scarves at Fashionese Daily. 

At first, i was interested on their Dye Shawl Collection. I didn't know the exact fabric at that time. But the tye dye pattern catch my eyes within seconds. They said, the pattern was made individually. So it's sort of impossible if we want the same pattern from even the same color. That fact got me even more interested. Because it means they make something exclusive, not a mass, but in a very affordable price.

I ordered grey shawl and dark green, both and the postage costs IDR 168.000. Quite cheap, right? One thing that quite remarkable from Kami Idea was, their service is not so fast. Mostly, they replied my message on the day after. So yeah, we have to be patient on their service.

And when the package arrived this morning, i guess my patience worth it :)

The grey shawl and the dark green :)

The fabrics are sweatshirt. Very light and cool material. I'm absolutely love them. For the clearer image, please look at Onbinbut style:


 It's the grey dye shawl.. See the tye dye pattern? So beautiful, right?

It's the dark green. Hm.. the pattern is not so distinct.. And the girl with the blue shirt, is Chibi. She just can't stand to stay away from our photo session, hohoho ;p

Onbinbut even asked for more shoot. This time, she asked Chibi to hold the edge of the shawl, and throw it right at the time i want to shoot it :) We had fun, as fun as the shawl pattern from Kami Idea :)

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Meet Bayu Risa!


GOD answered my prayer a bit early. I was hoping to meet Bayu Risa, the soloist i've been mad about lately. Then today, he came to my office. Ocha, one of my lucky colleague, had an interview and photo shoot with him! Yippieeaaaaaah :)) :)) :))

I was kinda nervous.. it's usually happen with every fans i guess. I was almost bailed out, and pretend that he wasn't there. But i don't want to feel regret, don't want to feel sorry, because it might be the only chance i meet him. So, here i am, standing awkward like a goofy groupie, hahaha... Don't bother to make fun of me, because i am, goof ;p

Ehm, after i look at this picture for thousand times, i still can't figure, where is his wonderful voice come from. Because in my humble opinion, he is ordinary, so humble, and friendly. One thing that's wrong with him was, he's late, hehehe. But if you can forgive that part, i think, he just doesn't realize that he has that awesome voice and charm when he hit the stage yet ;)

Stay humble Bayu Risa! No matter how famous you would become. So that everybody will love you moooore, just like i do ;p 

Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

Blogger From Your Heart

I never, never underestimate blogger. Especially those who have been a successful blogger, and make a living from it. If anyone ever think that writing a blog is easy, and cheap, they need to think about it over. And well, i'm talking about committed blogger here..They, who try to write their blog frequently, until we can find their signature style in it.

A fashion blogger, is an interesting phenomena lately in Indonesia. After Diana Rikasari, Evita Nuh, and Heidy got popular because of their blog, everyone were like moving onto the same direction.  They try to make a fashion blog. Buy something good, wear it in a decent and stylish way, take picture, then post it. Beside from being a follower, for me, they who try to be the next Diana Rikasari and pals, are trying to communicate in their favorite way. 

Me, as a spectator, thought it was easy at first. But it wasn't last until i tried to take a picture of myself, and put it in my blog. Gosh! I really can't put a 'generous' smile in my eyes. My pictures all look fake. And i don't have much time to think about style, picking cool stuffs, or even decorate them into artistic pictures.

So, yes.. i would definitely take a bow for successful fashion blogger.

Like what i found this evening, The Stylish Wanderer

Courtesy of

Who (asking to myself) would want to act like this for a fashion blog? Who would giving up their time to think about making this? Not me of course, hahaha :D

It's also applied equally to a simpel blogger. Like people who make their wedding blog, or marriage blog, or even...the funny blog like Bena Kribo (oh, it's soooo uneasy). Writing, telling story by writing, sharing information by writing, especially make people laugh from a writing, is never an easy job. I write for living, and i almost always think hard before i write an article. Will people enjoy my writing? Have i insulted anyone? Sometimes i want to look smart or cool from my writing. And i believe it's also happen to blogger, they always put effort, heart, and commitment to make their blog alive. 

So, let's appreciate them, the people who committed to their blog, always try to keep their readers happy by their story or artwork. Cheers! :))  

Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Bayu Risa Again!

Gue cukup telat rupanya untuk tau tentang kehebatan orang ini...hahaha *lebay...*

Dia udah tampil di PL Fair 2010, yang menurut gue, acara itu cukup selektif milih artisnya. Malah dia udah ada pula profilnya di majalah remaja. Untung itu majalah baru keluar bulan Desember 2010. Jadi, nggak telat-telat amat lah ya gue, hehehe...

Anyway, buat liat live performance-nya si Bayu Risa di PL Fair 2010, bisa klik di sini Suaranya itu lho..ampun, subhanallah, bagus bangetttt :)

I'm In Love Again

Not with you, not with him, but with his voice!

Bayu Risa!

courtesy of

I don't know a lot about this guy. I only heard his song 'Percaya', few times on the radio. Unfortunately, i always hear it the end of the song, and the announcer mostly didn't mention his name or his song. Hhh...

Today is my lucky day. This morning, i heard his song on 87,6, and the announcer mentioned his name, his song, and why- in the name of God- he has that wonderful voice. Well, his voice maybe not everybody's favorite. But it fits me, perfectly. Besides, i like the song also. The rhythm makes you want to dance, in a soulful way. The power of his voice boost my mood. Especially during a very tight deadlines like today ;p

I searched him on the net, but i only found plenty. I searched in Youtube, and only found 'Love Song', his other song. I like this 'Love Song'. Even though i thought the internet connection was down when i listen to the intro (there was repeating tune for few seconds, hehehe...). Of all videos i have found, none of them are official. Video of 'Percaya' for instance, was made by a spectator on Soulnation. And 'Love Song' is not a real video. It's just some pictures of Bayu Risa combined with the song on.  Pffuh...guess i have to search for his CD immediately. 

Click this to listen 'Percaya', and click here to listen to 'Love Song'.  


Senin, 03 Januari 2011


Few days a go, my friend Serra, back to Jakarta from Melbourne for christmas and new year holiday. After few meet ups with her and some friends, we decided to go to Canteen, Plaza Indonesia. Serra first reminded me about the cocktails they have there. I said, it's okay with me. I don't think watching people drink some cocktails are sinful. Altough i know, we, as moslems are better to stay off from alcohol, even only sitting near the sealed bottle.

That day, me, Mba Dea, Madu, and Dian came earlier. We intended to have a quick bite first at Kitchenette, then go to Canteen. But then Kitchenette made us waited for quite long. And i had a bit of headache that time. So i went to Guardian downstairs, to buy some medicine and mineral water.

5 minutes later, Mba Dea sent me sms, told that they went to Canteen straight away. Because Kitchenette really have a long waiting list. I got to Canteen like 10 minutes later alone. When i got in, people stared at me strangely. Well, maybe it was only me. Maybe it was only the feeling that everyone feels when they enter some place alone.

But i saw few people, on the left side, really look at me, in a quite long time. Impoliteness hit me on the face. Why the look? Then i thought, yes, i didn't wear a tank top. Yes, you would not see me drinking wine or cocktails. Yes, you would not see me smoking. But there's no sign that hijaber are not allowed to have some fun with old friends here. So why bother?

I choose not to see anyone, but my friends. Go straight to them, and had dinner. I was so starving. I choose the seat with the bar view. So i don't have to see other people look at me strangely. But that doesn't stop anything. On my left side, a woman sat 1 meter next to Dian. And Dian was in front of me. That woman stared at me, in a quite long time, and stopped when i intentionally catched her on the eye. I think that's enough for a proof, right?

Maybe it's true..some people didn't expect me to be there. Especially when Serra and Othine came and order some cocktails. Or maybe it was just me :)