Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

Blogger From Your Heart

I never, never underestimate blogger. Especially those who have been a successful blogger, and make a living from it. If anyone ever think that writing a blog is easy, and cheap, they need to think about it over. And well, i'm talking about committed blogger here..They, who try to write their blog frequently, until we can find their signature style in it.

A fashion blogger, is an interesting phenomena lately in Indonesia. After Diana Rikasari, Evita Nuh, and Heidy got popular because of their blog, everyone were like moving onto the same direction.  They try to make a fashion blog. Buy something good, wear it in a decent and stylish way, take picture, then post it. Beside from being a follower, for me, they who try to be the next Diana Rikasari and pals, are trying to communicate in their favorite way. 

Me, as a spectator, thought it was easy at first. But it wasn't last until i tried to take a picture of myself, and put it in my blog. Gosh! I really can't put a 'generous' smile in my eyes. My pictures all look fake. And i don't have much time to think about style, picking cool stuffs, or even decorate them into artistic pictures.

So, yes.. i would definitely take a bow for successful fashion blogger.

Like what i found this evening, The Stylish Wanderer

Courtesy of thestylishwanderer.blogspot.com

Who (asking to myself) would want to act like this for a fashion blog? Who would giving up their time to think about making this? Not me of course, hahaha :D

It's also applied equally to a simpel blogger. Like people who make their wedding blog, or marriage blog, or even...the funny blog like Bena Kribo (oh, it's soooo uneasy). Writing, telling story by writing, sharing information by writing, especially make people laugh from a writing, is never an easy job. I write for living, and i almost always think hard before i write an article. Will people enjoy my writing? Have i insulted anyone? Sometimes i want to look smart or cool from my writing. And i believe it's also happen to blogger, they always put effort, heart, and commitment to make their blog alive. 

So, let's appreciate them, the people who committed to their blog, always try to keep their readers happy by their story or artwork. Cheers! :))  

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