Selasa, 18 Januari 2011


I've tried, and satisfied enough :)
After a long time i wanted to try this discount site, finally i made an order yesterday. I choose the deal for Brewhouse at Senayan City. A Rp 25.000 voucher, valueable 50.000.
I submitted the order form yesterday afternoon, and payed up at night.
But there were an accident. When i submitted my order, accidentally i click their twitter logo on the site. Afterward, my tweet column contains their Brewhouse promo sentences. I thought, it might because i didn't tweet it, so they stick on my column. But even i tweeted it, they didn't disappear. I choose to tell them through the discussion board. They replied it, said that they would check on it by morning.

That was a quick respond, and ease my worry a bit. When i go to the hospital, for my lump check up. While i waited for the prescription, i transfered my payment to Dealkeren. Assuming that if i paid for it, then the sentences will forever disappear (stupid thought, huh? Hahahaha).

This morning, i opened my twitter on PC, and the sentences still on! It really bothered me. So i send a tweet to @Dealkeren , asked them to check it out. They replied, asked me to take the screen shot, and send it to them. Unfortunately, my browser went low, and i can't send it. Huh! But @Dealkeren keep on replying my complaints. They said, it might be the twitter error, and they were sorry they can't give me any help.

Luckily, L, my friend (remember? She's the discount hunter i posted before?), replied my conversations with @Dealkeren. She asked me to clear my cache. I did what she said, but nothing really happened. Then she asked me to clear my cache and cookies. Voila! The promo sentences disappear! :) Am so happy and i know it so i clapped my hands, hehehe ...

The other good news was, i received the voucher for Brewhouse from Dealkeren in my inbox mail! FYI, i sent my confirmation payment only few hours before. The grin on my face went even bigger :D Hahaha ...

So, yes.. this discount site is recommended. Their offers and service, both are good :) I'll let you know what i'm gonna do with the vouchers later :))

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