Senin, 03 Januari 2011


Few days a go, my friend Serra, back to Jakarta from Melbourne for christmas and new year holiday. After few meet ups with her and some friends, we decided to go to Canteen, Plaza Indonesia. Serra first reminded me about the cocktails they have there. I said, it's okay with me. I don't think watching people drink some cocktails are sinful. Altough i know, we, as moslems are better to stay off from alcohol, even only sitting near the sealed bottle.

That day, me, Mba Dea, Madu, and Dian came earlier. We intended to have a quick bite first at Kitchenette, then go to Canteen. But then Kitchenette made us waited for quite long. And i had a bit of headache that time. So i went to Guardian downstairs, to buy some medicine and mineral water.

5 minutes later, Mba Dea sent me sms, told that they went to Canteen straight away. Because Kitchenette really have a long waiting list. I got to Canteen like 10 minutes later alone. When i got in, people stared at me strangely. Well, maybe it was only me. Maybe it was only the feeling that everyone feels when they enter some place alone.

But i saw few people, on the left side, really look at me, in a quite long time. Impoliteness hit me on the face. Why the look? Then i thought, yes, i didn't wear a tank top. Yes, you would not see me drinking wine or cocktails. Yes, you would not see me smoking. But there's no sign that hijaber are not allowed to have some fun with old friends here. So why bother?

I choose not to see anyone, but my friends. Go straight to them, and had dinner. I was so starving. I choose the seat with the bar view. So i don't have to see other people look at me strangely. But that doesn't stop anything. On my left side, a woman sat 1 meter next to Dian. And Dian was in front of me. That woman stared at me, in a quite long time, and stopped when i intentionally catched her on the eye. I think that's enough for a proof, right?

Maybe it's true..some people didn't expect me to be there. Especially when Serra and Othine came and order some cocktails. Or maybe it was just me :)

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