Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Fashion Blogger Yardsale #4

I had a blast on last Friday..
had lunch with the crazy gurls, at some Indian restaurant in Bellagio. Too bad i forget the name :( The Indian restaurant was by Othine's reccomendations. And when i got there, i felt a bit worry because the restaurant's smells like strong spices from India. You can guess it :)
But after ordering some food *a.k.a a lot!*, the girls started to love it! They're delicious!
we had a great time :))

Afterward, i went back to office with Madu, finishing some chores, and wait up for Rani, my sister in law. We were going to Fashion Blogger Yardsale #4..! Yeay! :))

I knew the first yardsale from Diana Rikasari's blog. Then the 4th from Hanna Farid's tweet. And i had plan it from a week before to come and check some things *i assumed* are cool to buy..hehehe..

When i got there.. well, i can say it was fun. Not all the stuffs were secondhand, but lots of them were new.
Unfortunately, for me, i didn't find a lot. I just had one white bat wing shirt from Fifi Alvianto's stand. Chibi also got one shirt from...um, she can't remember it, hahaha... My sister in law? She found a lot of things interesting, but didn't buy any.
*Chibi and Rani*

In my humble perspective, maybe a lot of people do the same like Rani. I can understand that this Yardsale items are from fashion people. But not all the visitor were a fashion people. They might not now how to use those items, which some are too quirky, and some are too high fashioned. It's just two different worlds, come into one in Mazee FX :)

So, is that event worth to come? Yes! Even if you didn't find anything suits for you, you still can feel the good vibe. I found some people took pictures with Helen-fashion maverick, and Diana Rikasari(of course). Or some visitors came in a very questionable kind of style, which made me and Rani talked about on our way home, hehehe...

And still, i would very reccomend this event for you to come :))

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