Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

I'm In Love Again

Not with you, not with him, but with his voice!

Bayu Risa!

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I don't know a lot about this guy. I only heard his song 'Percaya', few times on the radio. Unfortunately, i always hear it the end of the song, and the announcer mostly didn't mention his name or his song. Hhh...

Today is my lucky day. This morning, i heard his song on 87,6, and the announcer mentioned his name, his song, and why- in the name of God- he has that wonderful voice. Well, his voice maybe not everybody's favorite. But it fits me, perfectly. Besides, i like the song also. The rhythm makes you want to dance, in a soulful way. The power of his voice boost my mood. Especially during a very tight deadlines like today ;p

I searched him on the net, but i only found plenty. I searched in Youtube, and only found 'Love Song', his other song. I like this 'Love Song'. Even though i thought the internet connection was down when i listen to the intro (there was repeating tune for few seconds, hehehe...). Of all videos i have found, none of them are official. Video of 'Percaya' for instance, was made by a spectator on Soulnation. And 'Love Song' is not a real video. It's just some pictures of Bayu Risa combined with the song on.  Pffuh...guess i have to search for his CD immediately. 

Click this to listen 'Percaya', and click here to listen to 'Love Song'.  


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