Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Meet Bayu Risa!


GOD answered my prayer a bit early. I was hoping to meet Bayu Risa, the soloist i've been mad about lately. Then today, he came to my office. Ocha, one of my lucky colleague, had an interview and photo shoot with him! Yippieeaaaaaah :)) :)) :))

I was kinda nervous.. it's usually happen with every fans i guess. I was almost bailed out, and pretend that he wasn't there. But i don't want to feel regret, don't want to feel sorry, because it might be the only chance i meet him. So, here i am, standing awkward like a goofy groupie, hahaha... Don't bother to make fun of me, because i am, goof ;p

Ehm, after i look at this picture for thousand times, i still can't figure, where is his wonderful voice come from. Because in my humble opinion, he is ordinary, so humble, and friendly. One thing that's wrong with him was, he's late, hehehe. But if you can forgive that part, i think, he just doesn't realize that he has that awesome voice and charm when he hit the stage yet ;)

Stay humble Bayu Risa! No matter how famous you would become. So that everybody will love you moooore, just like i do ;p 

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