Senin, 31 Januari 2011

My Friends About Hijab

Last Saturday, I met my college friends for Arisan, at Pulau Dua. The dress code was white top on dark blue jeans.. quite common as compared to our older theme of dress codes ;p This was my presence after two months because of my illness. So I was so happy about it, and expecting to hear some stories from them. Especially them who started to wear hijab in the year 2010.

I won't deny it. One of my strength to wear hijab also came from both of them, Kiky and Dijo. I feel like i have companions, towards the changes i assumed i would experienced after wear hijab. That's why i want to share their stories about their struggle through their selves. Because just like we know it, the most influencing and dangerous person to stand in our way to wear hijab is our self.

Kiky - Me- Dijo - Eric


She’s the first member of our group that wearing hijab on 2010. I didn’t remember the exact month, approximately maybe six months later. Based on her story, she didn’t experience any contradiction or negative responds from her family or office. Her boss supported her good intentions, and asked her not to restrain her good will. Her office colleagues also didn’t mind at all. They’re just surprised, considering Kiky used to wear fit body clothes, and hijab made it all turn upside down.

She started to wear hijab with no preparation at all. She started on Monday, and only got pair of clothes to wear until Wednesday. In the mean time, she didn’t have much money to spend for new clothes. But Allah has another better plan for her.

Out of nowhere, her boss came to her, and gives her some money. The boss said it was bonus from the company. Kiky was surprised, relieved and feel graceful… alhamdulillah. There will always a way when you want to do something good for your belief :)

But she received a weird.. totally weir response from … a stranger. Stranger she met on a public transportation (I didn’t remember if it was a plane, train, or bus). The woman (stranger) sat next to Kiky, and asked about Kiky’s age. When Kiky mentioned it, the woman said: “Why did you have to be so hurry to wear hijab? Why don’t you wear it after you’re married?”

Kiky was speechless, but maintained to smile and decided to sheer away that woman.

That story made us laughed big time. Then Dijo said: “I think she better learn, that this is the actual right time for you to wear hijab. Why should you wait until you get married? Hehehe… “


A month after Kiky wear hijab, me, Dijo and Richi gathered on a day for a poor arisan. There were only us three because the other members couldn’t come. That day, we talked a lot, especially about hijab. After I told them that my office prefer me with my hair on, Dijo went pale, and she said, “Hmm.. now I don’t know what keeps me waiting. My husband agreed, my office never forbid anyone to wear hijab. I think it’s just me then? Hahaha.”

That conversations left us with lots of issues in mind. Is wearing hijab should be that hard? We have to fight and crossed the border in our environment? Is wearing hijab so scary until it’s hard for us to decide when will we wear it? Am I a bad Moslem if I still have a doubt in heart about hijab? Am I? Am I? Am I? So what should I do?

Month later, I met Dijo at Pacific Place. She was out for movie with her colleagues, I was there for Jakarta Fashion Week. We met accidentally at the musholla. We didn’t talk much, nothing about hijab also, only a little chit chat, and off.

A day after, she wear her first hijab to the office. She went to her boss, and tell about her intention. Her boss’s response was surprising. He/She doesn’t mind if any of his/her employee wear hijab. But he/she doesn’t believe in Dijo’s aim, hahahaha! They don’t believe that Dijo has that strong willing to wear hijab. I was laughing out loud when she told me that. It was so hilarious! Hahahaha!

The good response came from Dijo’s mother in law. They met in Dijo’s new house selametan, when Dijo already wear hijab. She asked Dijo, “Do you wear it only for this time?”

Dijo said, “Nope, insya Allah its forever..”

Her Mother in law smile and said, “Oh, I’m so happy to hear that. And please, don’t ever take it off ..”

For your information, her mother in law is not a Moslem :) isn’t life so beautiful when we can support each other no matter what our religion is?

So that’s the stories from my friends…. Good, bad, funny or lucky, everything could be happen in our way to wear hijab. The process itself, may not an easy one, but you will always have a wisdom afterward :)

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