Senin, 10 Januari 2011

New Scarves by Kami Idea :)

I found Kami Idea, an online shop, from a forum about scarves at Fashionese Daily. 

At first, i was interested on their Dye Shawl Collection. I didn't know the exact fabric at that time. But the tye dye pattern catch my eyes within seconds. They said, the pattern was made individually. So it's sort of impossible if we want the same pattern from even the same color. That fact got me even more interested. Because it means they make something exclusive, not a mass, but in a very affordable price.

I ordered grey shawl and dark green, both and the postage costs IDR 168.000. Quite cheap, right? One thing that quite remarkable from Kami Idea was, their service is not so fast. Mostly, they replied my message on the day after. So yeah, we have to be patient on their service.

And when the package arrived this morning, i guess my patience worth it :)

The grey shawl and the dark green :)

The fabrics are sweatshirt. Very light and cool material. I'm absolutely love them. For the clearer image, please look at Onbinbut style:


 It's the grey dye shawl.. See the tye dye pattern? So beautiful, right?

It's the dark green. Hm.. the pattern is not so distinct.. And the girl with the blue shirt, is Chibi. She just can't stand to stay away from our photo session, hohoho ;p

Onbinbut even asked for more shoot. This time, she asked Chibi to hold the edge of the shawl, and throw it right at the time i want to shoot it :) We had fun, as fun as the shawl pattern from Kami Idea :)

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