Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Roppan, Gandaria City

from morning to noon with my crazy fellas :)

Enjoy your weekend :))

Dealkeren - Brewhouse Sency

As i mentioned before, i bought 4 vouchers of Brewhouse from DealKeren. The four vouchers valued for Rp 200.000.
So on February 15th, i went to Senayan City for early lunch at Brewhouse Bar & Lounge.
When i first arrived on 11 am, the lounge wasn't ready yet. I waited for 5 minutes outside to get in, and 5 other minutes for the waitress to come inside. And it's fine by me, because, yes.. i came early on public holiday.

My first impression of Brewhouse was, vintage. And i like it! Classic and nice spot for taking pictures. Too bad i only got my old lame camera. So i decided to focus on the food only.

This lounge has average to expensive range of food and beverage price. So it's a good chance for me to eat there with Dealkeren's voucher, hehehe.

I ordered Salmon Puff, the one i've been eye-ing since DealKeren put on the menu price on their site. My hubby ordered Dory Fish & Chips, this one was DealKeren's recommendation :)

Let's start with Dory Fish & Chips first.

The meal portion was quite big. A real man's portion. So if you have a tiny stomach, please do share with friends. I like the chunky french fries, and the softness of the Dory fish. Since Dory has the less weird smell of fish, and it cooked perfectly, i can say that i like it. The tartan sauce is also good. For me, choose Dory Fish & Chips is 'a safe mode' to try this place.

Then let's talk about Salmon Puff

I must say, this meal has big and complex portion. It's big enough, and the combination would make you stuffed in minutes. Especially if you were girl :)
I choose Salmon Puff with mashed potato. The mashed potato is great seasoned and thick.
The salmon is thick, combined with saute spinach and cheese made this dish delicious. I like this part so much! Since i only can find salmon puff in wedding, so i was so happy to eat this.
The puff is soft and really good. I like it a lot.
Too bad, i found the overcooked and burnt side of puff. It was at below. I realized it from the first bite. Tasted bitter. So i have to separate the burnt side of the puff, to finish the dish.

Eventually, i didn't finish it..hehehe. But it wasn't because of the burnt puff, but because it's so complex. Lots of carbohydrates and protein made me struggled to finish it in half an hour, hahaha!

Besides the burnt thingy, i like this Salmon Puff a lot :))
Thanks to DealKeren, so i can eat those with only 125k, valued for 225k :D
And please do visit www.dealkeren.com for more great discount

Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Back To Reality

I never get this serious in life like the last 5 years...
I barely attended high school, keep bailed out because I was too lazy to sit in the class all day. Same thing happened in college. I was only trying to keep my attendance quota, fulfill the paperwork because i love to do it, and do the presentation-- also because i love to speak up my mind.

But i never took my lessons seriously. I only do what i love. When i got bored on something, i left it right away, no matter what. Yes, i used to be less care about things i don't really love.

After i graduated, and started my first serious job, i started to do things very seriously. I work until late, be a perfectionist employee, sometimes i had clash with my colleagues mate, only because they think i asked them for higher standard than other, and they don't like it.

It still happening until now, hehehe. Only i am now less perfectionist, because now i have to split my life for work, and family.

These four days holiday ( including the Lunar New Year Holiday, one Friday leave, saturday and now Sunday), was awesome. I still want to have some holiday thingies until late of this Sunday. Too bad, right now i have to go to work, to have an interview with a young designer :(

And i feel it's harder to do, because I'm so enjoying my holidays, even all i do is downloading GD&TOP and Big Bang's songs and pictures, hahahaha. But it seems like everything in my mind right now. I just don't want to let go...hahaha :)

Anyone has tips for me to just enjoy this work on Sunday? Anyone? Nope? Nothing? Well, then i believe nobody wants to let go off their own holiday right? :)

Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

GD&TOP --Big Bang

This week full of Korean boys vibe around me.

Friday last week i sat on Cia (my colleagues)'s desk, to use her computer, since mine was sent to IT division for changed its programs.
I saw her wallpaper was a short video from two Korean boys with extreme style and movements. I was surprised because they didn't look pretty or too neat-like the commonly Korean other artists. They look more mature and cooler. So i asked Cia the next day about them.
Cia told me, they are GD&TOP (G-Dragon and TOP). They are Big Bang (Korean boyband) members, that have their own project. Cia also told me that every Big Bang members has a side project with various genres of music.

I was only nodded and listening to Cia's story. That Big Bang was not an ordinary Korean band. They do rap, and write their own song, just like other band in other country. But well, since they're Korean, so the package itself has to be fit on their country.

Last Thursday, i opened Youtube with no intentions. Then there was a GD&TOP's video in the 'Most View' sub-menu. It was 'Baby Goodnight video. I clicked the link, and watch the video. On 5 first seconds, i was.... jaw-breaking.. the video is veeeeery seductive. TOP was very very sexy, also GD is totally has a sweet voice.
courtesy of breakingnewsdir.com, lilipOp.wordpress.com , yeppopo.wordpress.com

I love love love this video soo much.. you can run it on Youtube ==> http://bit.ly/hfvzqR

Then i browse for the video that i saw in Cia's computer wallpaper.
At first, i thought the song title was 2x, hahaha... later on, i figure out it was sort of their slogan. The song itself called Knock Out. This was an awesome video with awesome beat and sound, imho. A very nice video and song to build your mood.

courtesy of vipfamily-th.com, livekpop.com, cheonsadiana.wordpress.com, twistedstars.wordpress.com, yeppopo.wordpress.com

You can watch it on Youtube with keyword: GD&TOP Knockout, or click this link ==> http://bit.ly/gDAymq

Those videos officially made me a big fan of them. I like the genious G-Dragon with his insane movements, dance, thoughts and concept. I like the perfectly handsome TOP more. Even i keep repeated the chorus of Knockout song, until my hubs rolled his eyes frequently. Hahaha ... Call me late, i don't care ;p For me, nothing is pretty late for music :))

Lesson Learned

Once upon a time, i told my hubs about how boring my friend was.
She was so predictable, the best person you can rely on, but keep on breaking promises, and persistently stubborn. I was planned to leave her, because i got so bored with all these lame pattern of friendship.

The other time, i told him about one other friend, i considered her as annoying girl. Because she barely understand what i'm working for, loves to complain but barely do something. I'm tired of her, and can't stand to keep listening to what she's whining about. I can't give any suggestion, because we're living in different way of life. And she, was quite demanding for a friend. Keep asking for a time while i was working.

Not enough, i told him about one other friend that has a different story. We were close enough, but she lied one time, and i can't forgive her, because what she was lie about is quote important.

I said to my hubs, that i want to leave them. Because i can't handle them no more. They are way too far from ideal friends that i need.

My hubs smiled, and said:
You can always get bored with anyone you ever met. Including your friends. Especially when you know them longer, and you will find a lot more differences that doesn't sound fit on you. But you know what? That's what the real friendship that everybody have to deal with. If you love your friends only when the time they can understand you, fun to go with, right person to rely on, then you.... are only want to be friend with them by their cover. And of course, everybody is nice to be friend with when we only know their appearance. To build a strong relationship, you need to know the deepest side, bad side, boring side, and deal with it. Now, i can't say that you're a friend enough for them, if you choose to leave them.

Lesson learned.

Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Hills and Valley

My right foot on the hills, my left foot on the valley.
We walk together, no matter what
My right foot thinks, it's so exhausting to keep hike
My left foot feels the pain when she holds the burden too low.
It hurts their joints...

My right foot is chasing a dream, of living in the highest place
My left foot cannot go after because she can't get rid of the gravel under her foot palm
The gravel keep stand in her way to chase the right foot

As much as the left is trying to hike, she fell off...
And the right foot doesn't want to go low, because there's a lot of things to reach for
She thinks she's running out of time

I'm walking with my right foot on the hills
and my left foot on the valley
Even we keep making such imperfect steps, even it hurts so bad
We still can move along peacefully :)

Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

All By Milcah

So proud to be Milcah's friend..
You can get Milcah at Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia Ext
or LouBelle Shop, Bandung

Here's one of Milcah's collection

you can see her collections at milcah-milcah.blogspot.com

And good for us, to be Othine's friend, the designer behind Milcah. Because sometimes she held garage sales of Miclah's remaining productions, in a very..very humble price :))
It's us, wearing Milcah's garage sale's collections

Egi (grey loose top) - Glenny (vest)- Me (pink loose cardigan) - Chibi (grey loose top) - Niki (peach tank top)

I also asked Othine to make me a dress for my brother's graduation. I have some fabrics as gift from an acquaintance, so I one of them to her, let her made the design by herself, i let her do the rest. She didn't even take my body measure! And here's what i get :)

Nice :)

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures. I was inside the restroom, didn't dare to come out, because the fabric is almost transparent.. The fabric itself actually is not long enough for me. So Othine added another fabric on top :)

Nice work Thine! :D

When You Have Them,

Life seems so easy..

Maybe I’m one of the luckiest women in the world because I have them. Maybe my friends are great. Maybe my colleagues are the craziest. Maybe I am one of the luckiest women who can always seek for fun during office time. Maybe I just love to consider myself as someone who lives in a great world. Maybe it is true. Maybe it’s just the way Allah shows me how beautiful life is.. Alhamdulillah…