Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

All By Milcah

So proud to be Milcah's friend..
You can get Milcah at Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia Ext
or LouBelle Shop, Bandung

Here's one of Milcah's collection

you can see her collections at

And good for us, to be Othine's friend, the designer behind Milcah. Because sometimes she held garage sales of Miclah's remaining productions, in a very..very humble price :))
It's us, wearing Milcah's garage sale's collections

Egi (grey loose top) - Glenny (vest)- Me (pink loose cardigan) - Chibi (grey loose top) - Niki (peach tank top)

I also asked Othine to make me a dress for my brother's graduation. I have some fabrics as gift from an acquaintance, so I one of them to her, let her made the design by herself, i let her do the rest. She didn't even take my body measure! And here's what i get :)

Nice :)

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures. I was inside the restroom, didn't dare to come out, because the fabric is almost transparent.. The fabric itself actually is not long enough for me. So Othine added another fabric on top :)

Nice work Thine! :D

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