Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Back To Reality

I never get this serious in life like the last 5 years...
I barely attended high school, keep bailed out because I was too lazy to sit in the class all day. Same thing happened in college. I was only trying to keep my attendance quota, fulfill the paperwork because i love to do it, and do the presentation-- also because i love to speak up my mind.

But i never took my lessons seriously. I only do what i love. When i got bored on something, i left it right away, no matter what. Yes, i used to be less care about things i don't really love.

After i graduated, and started my first serious job, i started to do things very seriously. I work until late, be a perfectionist employee, sometimes i had clash with my colleagues mate, only because they think i asked them for higher standard than other, and they don't like it.

It still happening until now, hehehe. Only i am now less perfectionist, because now i have to split my life for work, and family.

These four days holiday ( including the Lunar New Year Holiday, one Friday leave, saturday and now Sunday), was awesome. I still want to have some holiday thingies until late of this Sunday. Too bad, right now i have to go to work, to have an interview with a young designer :(

And i feel it's harder to do, because I'm so enjoying my holidays, even all i do is downloading GD&TOP and Big Bang's songs and pictures, hahahaha. But it seems like everything in my mind right now. I just don't want to let go...hahaha :)

Anyone has tips for me to just enjoy this work on Sunday? Anyone? Nope? Nothing? Well, then i believe nobody wants to let go off their own holiday right? :)

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