Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Dealkeren - Brewhouse Sency

As i mentioned before, i bought 4 vouchers of Brewhouse from DealKeren. The four vouchers valued for Rp 200.000.
So on February 15th, i went to Senayan City for early lunch at Brewhouse Bar & Lounge.
When i first arrived on 11 am, the lounge wasn't ready yet. I waited for 5 minutes outside to get in, and 5 other minutes for the waitress to come inside. And it's fine by me, because, yes.. i came early on public holiday.

My first impression of Brewhouse was, vintage. And i like it! Classic and nice spot for taking pictures. Too bad i only got my old lame camera. So i decided to focus on the food only.

This lounge has average to expensive range of food and beverage price. So it's a good chance for me to eat there with Dealkeren's voucher, hehehe.

I ordered Salmon Puff, the one i've been eye-ing since DealKeren put on the menu price on their site. My hubby ordered Dory Fish & Chips, this one was DealKeren's recommendation :)

Let's start with Dory Fish & Chips first.

The meal portion was quite big. A real man's portion. So if you have a tiny stomach, please do share with friends. I like the chunky french fries, and the softness of the Dory fish. Since Dory has the less weird smell of fish, and it cooked perfectly, i can say that i like it. The tartan sauce is also good. For me, choose Dory Fish & Chips is 'a safe mode' to try this place.

Then let's talk about Salmon Puff

I must say, this meal has big and complex portion. It's big enough, and the combination would make you stuffed in minutes. Especially if you were girl :)
I choose Salmon Puff with mashed potato. The mashed potato is great seasoned and thick.
The salmon is thick, combined with saute spinach and cheese made this dish delicious. I like this part so much! Since i only can find salmon puff in wedding, so i was so happy to eat this.
The puff is soft and really good. I like it a lot.
Too bad, i found the overcooked and burnt side of puff. It was at below. I realized it from the first bite. Tasted bitter. So i have to separate the burnt side of the puff, to finish the dish.

Eventually, i didn't finish it..hehehe. But it wasn't because of the burnt puff, but because it's so complex. Lots of carbohydrates and protein made me struggled to finish it in half an hour, hahaha!

Besides the burnt thingy, i like this Salmon Puff a lot :))
Thanks to DealKeren, so i can eat those with only 125k, valued for 225k :D
And please do visit www.dealkeren.com for more great discount

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  1. Thanks a lot buat reviewnya Faradita :)

    Lain kali kamu langsung kasih tau aja ke merchantnya biar bisa digantiin hehehehe