Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

GD&TOP --Big Bang

This week full of Korean boys vibe around me.

Friday last week i sat on Cia (my colleagues)'s desk, to use her computer, since mine was sent to IT division for changed its programs.
I saw her wallpaper was a short video from two Korean boys with extreme style and movements. I was surprised because they didn't look pretty or too neat-like the commonly Korean other artists. They look more mature and cooler. So i asked Cia the next day about them.
Cia told me, they are GD&TOP (G-Dragon and TOP). They are Big Bang (Korean boyband) members, that have their own project. Cia also told me that every Big Bang members has a side project with various genres of music.

I was only nodded and listening to Cia's story. That Big Bang was not an ordinary Korean band. They do rap, and write their own song, just like other band in other country. But well, since they're Korean, so the package itself has to be fit on their country.

Last Thursday, i opened Youtube with no intentions. Then there was a GD&TOP's video in the 'Most View' sub-menu. It was 'Baby Goodnight video. I clicked the link, and watch the video. On 5 first seconds, i was.... jaw-breaking.. the video is veeeeery seductive. TOP was very very sexy, also GD is totally has a sweet voice.
courtesy of breakingnewsdir.com, lilipOp.wordpress.com , yeppopo.wordpress.com

I love love love this video soo much.. you can run it on Youtube ==> http://bit.ly/hfvzqR

Then i browse for the video that i saw in Cia's computer wallpaper.
At first, i thought the song title was 2x, hahaha... later on, i figure out it was sort of their slogan. The song itself called Knock Out. This was an awesome video with awesome beat and sound, imho. A very nice video and song to build your mood.

courtesy of vipfamily-th.com, livekpop.com, cheonsadiana.wordpress.com, twistedstars.wordpress.com, yeppopo.wordpress.com

You can watch it on Youtube with keyword: GD&TOP Knockout, or click this link ==> http://bit.ly/gDAymq

Those videos officially made me a big fan of them. I like the genious G-Dragon with his insane movements, dance, thoughts and concept. I like the perfectly handsome TOP more. Even i keep repeated the chorus of Knockout song, until my hubs rolled his eyes frequently. Hahaha ... Call me late, i don't care ;p For me, nothing is pretty late for music :))

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