Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Hills and Valley

My right foot on the hills, my left foot on the valley.
We walk together, no matter what
My right foot thinks, it's so exhausting to keep hike
My left foot feels the pain when she holds the burden too low.
It hurts their joints...

My right foot is chasing a dream, of living in the highest place
My left foot cannot go after because she can't get rid of the gravel under her foot palm
The gravel keep stand in her way to chase the right foot

As much as the left is trying to hike, she fell off...
And the right foot doesn't want to go low, because there's a lot of things to reach for
She thinks she's running out of time

I'm walking with my right foot on the hills
and my left foot on the valley
Even we keep making such imperfect steps, even it hurts so bad
We still can move along peacefully :)

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