Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Lesson Learned

Once upon a time, i told my hubs about how boring my friend was.
She was so predictable, the best person you can rely on, but keep on breaking promises, and persistently stubborn. I was planned to leave her, because i got so bored with all these lame pattern of friendship.

The other time, i told him about one other friend, i considered her as annoying girl. Because she barely understand what i'm working for, loves to complain but barely do something. I'm tired of her, and can't stand to keep listening to what she's whining about. I can't give any suggestion, because we're living in different way of life. And she, was quite demanding for a friend. Keep asking for a time while i was working.

Not enough, i told him about one other friend that has a different story. We were close enough, but she lied one time, and i can't forgive her, because what she was lie about is quote important.

I said to my hubs, that i want to leave them. Because i can't handle them no more. They are way too far from ideal friends that i need.

My hubs smiled, and said:
You can always get bored with anyone you ever met. Including your friends. Especially when you know them longer, and you will find a lot more differences that doesn't sound fit on you. But you know what? That's what the real friendship that everybody have to deal with. If you love your friends only when the time they can understand you, fun to go with, right person to rely on, then you.... are only want to be friend with them by their cover. And of course, everybody is nice to be friend with when we only know their appearance. To build a strong relationship, you need to know the deepest side, bad side, boring side, and deal with it. Now, i can't say that you're a friend enough for them, if you choose to leave them.

Lesson learned.

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