Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Futsal and Hijab

I tried futsal about two years a go.
I was out there to strengthen my division team vs another division in our group..
We were amateurs (ans till until now), but we have the spirit to play and struggle, so we beat that other division, and became a champion.
That other division has several good player that played futsal long time before. Afterward, i feel so proud of my team, and we continued to practice ever since.

We've been joined several tournaments, won the 2nd place twice two years in a row. We even had a chance to appeared on TV! Such a great achievements for amateurs right? :)

Before i wore hijab, i was sick for months, and after i wear hijab, i wasn't recovered yet. I took 'leave' from our futsal team.
Time flies and last week was my comeback after 4 months.

First thing that came in my mind was: what should i wear?
Hahaha.. you might say this is typical. But the truth is, i really need something comfort and not easily to parted. So i choose my old training, manset shirt, another shirt to cover up the manset, and bergo hijab from cotton fabric.

I did good i guess, hahaha... My bergo sometimes obscured my sight, so i bind the edges, then i can move freely.

After the practice, i was sweating much!!! Even both of my shirts was wet. That must be because it was my comeback, but in the other hand, because i wore too many clothes, hahaha.

So i decided, to find a sport sleeveless next time rather than other shirt to covered my manset :)

I found another problem when it was time to take shower and wash my hair. I already brought the hair dryer. But my long hair, wouldn't get dry in half an hour. My friends had to leave me alone because i took too long to dried my hair, hahaha :D

The day after, i cut my hair short. It was also to pretend me from worse hair loss (a common problem for hijaber), and also make it easier to get dry when i need it.


Even it takes lots of things to prepare, but i'm happy. Happy to know that wearing Hijab unopposed me to do anything i like :))

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