Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Zara is On Sale!

Last Friday, i read someone's status (I still can't figure whose until now) that said Zara is on sale 90% in Plaza Indonesia.
Coincidentally, i had to go to Grand Indonesia that afternoon. I know, they both different place, but somehow, they are close enough right? Hehehe...
Me, Othine and Oni had our brunch at Churreria, and had too much sugar and chocolate until we had to burnt it by window shopping. I suggested them to go to Zara, maybe the sale was on. Who knows?
When we first arrived there, there were no sign of sale at all. We were like, whatever, just get in and find something to look at.
Oni initiated to get inside the TRF area, and we found a shelf full of discount stuffs. Those longsleeves shirts above, costs IDR 99.000 each!!! Yes, each!
I also bought two trousers, the black suede with belt for IDR 129.000, and the gray one for IDR 199.000.
Oni and Othine could not manage themselves also :)
We left Zara gracefully :))

So, you might want to check something up there? You better get hurry!

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