Kamis, 21 April 2011

Samwon House- Deal Keren part 2

I did it again. I did go back to Samwon House yesterday..
Weeks after the voucher incident at Samwon House,i tried to pull myself together. I still got two vouchers left,valued IDR 75.000/each.
I thought it would be a waste if i threw them away. But i needed time to recover from my disappointment..haha..drama ;p
i told my friends once about my intentionto go back there. They were like, 'what? I won't do it if i were you..'
That swollen my guts and grew my bad memory bigger.
Somehow,i felt like i have go give it a try. Then last Saturday,i planned to have lunch there with hubby. When we were near from Setiabudi Building,my hubby asked, 'Are you sure about this? I'm totally fine if we have to throw the vouchers away or give them to other people. As long as we can eat peacefully'.
I nodded,and asked him to just go there.
Right before we got into the parking lot,my hubby asked once again, 'So, how?'
And I bailed out,hahaha..
My disappointment really got into me that time.
Then we went along to the padangnese restaurant nearby,hehehe..

Yesterday,me and hubby stuck in my office. The traffic was crazy,we can't even move from the parking lot. Since it was dinner time,I suggested to eat at Samwon House. It's near to my office..
My hubby accepted it.
We left the car at the parking lot. Then we walked to Setiabudi Building.
As we got in and seated,I keep trying to erase my last experience there.
He ordered dolsot ojing_eo bibimbap, I ordered soggogi bokkeum. (Hot plate meat and veggies).
The waitress then served the appetizers.

They tasted better..
Hehehe..but I still didn't eat the scallops. I don't like cold scallops :(
5 minutes later,my hubby's bibimbap served..in a very hot stone plate and tempting smell :)

It contains rice,veggies,squid,and chilli. In my own version of eating bibimbap,you have to wait until the temperature went a bit low. So I can enjoy the mixed of them without burn in my mouth. And yes,it tasted good :)

Few minutes later, my soggogi bokkeum came. Also in a hot stone plate.

It tasted just as good as how it looks. But it's too hot for me,I can't really stand the chilli. About the beef,some of them were soft and easy to chew. Its a good thing for people with braces like me,hehehe. Some of the beef were a bit hard so you need to chew it longer.
At the end of it,we didn't eat all the appetizers, my hubby didn't finished his bibimbap,but we finished the soggogi bokkeum. It wasn't because of the taste,but we both were stuffed and full.
So it was for a good reason :)
Oh,and in the end,they gave us a plate of watermelons for dessert. Good choice after the hot seasonings :)

And I gave the vouchers to my hubby,so he proceed them all. I didn't want to know,hehehe..
I left there happily ..thank u Deal Keren

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  1. Hai Mbak Faraway (bener kan ini namanya? hehehe)

    Aku Reza dari DealKeren, boleh aku minta alamat emailnya?

    DealKeren mau kasih sedikit "hadiah" kecil buat pelanggan DealKeren yang sudah mau share di blog :D

    Kalau boleh, bisa dikirim ke reza.yazdi[at]dealkeren.com


  2. Hi Reza,
    Oke, akan aku kirimkan e-mailku yaa..
    Thank you :D

  3. Buat CumiCumi, nice try for spamming :)