Senin, 18 April 2011

T.O.P Knock Out Scene

This is one of my favorite scene of GD&TOP music video "Knock Out".
photo courtesy of

And some other day, i found the similar doll, and took a pose with it

"My doll" costs 10 million rupiah/set. I set contains the 1000% dolls, the medium size and the little size. And as you can see, "my doll" is only a bear painted with human's organ drawings. Compare to T.O.P's doll that half carved and looks so real..can't imagine T.O.P's doll's price, hohoho..
Anyway, this makes me happy big time. Because, being T.O.P's fan is not easy. I can't watch his concert with Bigbang easily, i have limited budget to buy Bigbang's merchandise, so when i saw this doll, i feel urged to took a picture with it immediately *lebay* ;p

Anyway, this pic was taken by Alex..thank youuuuu *big hug* :)

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