Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Where am i?

On my way to Sentul. Cibubur's traffic was kinda nightmare. Plus the sun was shining so bright. It was nearly lunch when i almost got there. Racing pace with people who trying to catch their late long weekend trip and the Beliebers.

I went to Sentul city area and turn right in the sicc intersection.
I went to the big mosque..and there were some people held a tazkiah. And some people put their car for Bieber concert. Yep..some concert attendances were there from 12pm.

Later on i moved to sentul internaional convention centre. My car stopped in other intersection near the concert hall. They asked my driver to move away and drop me there.
I got off the car and wait.

they said i can use the shuttle bus to get into the hall area. Right in front of me,there were cars with the window open and the passengers passed me by showed ther gold credit cars. Well..they were the vip who didn't have to use the shuttle *envy youu*

Not that the shuttle were bad. They were as good as you need. And the seats were covered by purple fabrics, Bieber's favorite color :-)

In the hall's yard..there were a lot of people selling the Bieber merchandises. The common view like other concert.

I ignored them,ignored their offers and kept looking for my friend to meet up. She got my id on her.
Then we got in the concert area through this door

Inside,there were more of Bieber's seller with more exclusive designs.

I didn't buy any. I didn't even joining the purple crowds to see the 'One Less Lonely Girl' singer. I was there for work, see the people's excitement,furiousity,and went back home even before the show begun.
This os the last thing i did to remembered that i was there wasn't the real Bieber by the way :-P

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