Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

AA Rumah Makan

Coincidentally got here last Sunday.
Me and my hubby were hungry after Brightspot but we didn't want to eat at Pacific Place. In the other hand we wanted to find a pair sandals for him.
So we decided to go to Pasaraya and find a place to eat near wolter monginsidi.
My eyes bumped into this neon box. It wasn't really interesting,but its simplicity got me.

So we tried to get in with hope that this is not a fancy restaurant and hope that we'd like the food..hehehe.

After we sat down,i just realized that this is a different kind of chinese food restaurant. There weren't many menus to offer,but they has daring menu.

My hubby choose mie Aceh kepiting. Quite a daring choice because its definitely not a chinese menu.
Here's how it looks like

The crab was quite tempting,right? And its not like any other Mie Aceh. The gravy was a bit thick and not so spicy as the real mie Aceh's gravy. But after you try to fight with the crab then you understand why they made it that way. Breaking and eat a crab needs more time than eating the noodle. Right when you finished with the crab,the gravy went thin..so that you can still enjoy it.
About the taste,well for me,i like the real mie Aceh :)

I ordered mie jendral. I didn't understand why they named it that way. After i heard the explanation,i understand that it needs a big courage to eat it up. Mie jendral has also thick gravy with meat ball,shrimp,mushroom,chicken gizzard and vegetables. I like the gravy. But i have to add small red chilli and sambal to get the real 'jendral' taste.

But the day after,my tummy burnt and i got diarrhea..hahaha..so i think i wasn't 'jendral' enough to go back there and it again :p

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