Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

About him

I rarely write about my hubby..
But today i really want to write a little about him.

From the first time we committed,he always respects my freedom. So i never loose my single rights..including go for holiday with my friends without him.

He barely say 'No'. When i came to Brightspot Market, he refused to join because he doesn't like it,but agreed to wait in some other place.

He only say 'No' to everything that harmful for my health. Including the four food that make my migraine come, cheese,peanuts,chocolate and milk.

So today,i planned to cook some foods. Started with tuna fried rice in the morning,then picadillo for lunch.

I wanted to make chocolate bread schotel so much. But he didn't allow me at all.

I mean,at all :-)
He said it with smile and jokes,but rejection is the only thing that came out from his mouth,hahaha..

Sometimes i feel disappointed because he rarely say no.

But today i feel so glad that he did it. Because it keeps my feet on the ground..when not every people that close to me dare to do that.
Alhamdulillah.. :)

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