Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Brightspot Market Pacific Place 2011

I went there on the last day afternoon. It was packed as i predicted. As packed as Brightspot i've been missing.
For me,these kind of crowd shows how much people appreciating Indonesian's Independent designers.
I know that some cynical say that people who come here are hipsters and only came because it's such a trendy gigs.
They are right. But i think it doesn't matter. Brightspot keep making a big success anyway.

These are booths that i loathe for..

First of all,of course MILCAH.
I bought the last grey jodhpur. I mean the really last because it's the only one left. I got it with 50k discount ;p


Then i went to Monday to Sunday. I bought black cardi with stripes on the edge. And also got 30% discount for it. My best buy so far :-)

sorry i haven't hada chance to take a picture of it,so this is the packages..hehehe

I like Monstore also. I didn't buy anything there but i love their designs so much. I hope someday i will buy one.

The last but not least, i went to Serradella. Bought their eclairs which getting more expensive each gigs hehehe..but i keep on wanting it. Too bad they didn't sell the cupcakes that time.

i left early because my hubby wants to find something in another mall. I left there with a bit regret because i didn't buy MILCAH's white cardi..but then try to forget it when i remember how much money i have spent there and during holidays...hehehe

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