Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Churreria -Disdus

Aaaw..another voucher treats!
This time is for Churreria by Disdus.
The deal was IDR 37500 valued for 75.000, we can get:
Classic churros with dessert

The churros with 3 choices of dipping sauce: dark chocolate,chocolate milk and caramel.

And these are three choices of desserts:

apple crumble..love the texture of the base,love the sweetness from the raisins and the sour from the apple...love it BIG TIME! ;)

Me,Oni and Othine are apple lovers. Because i knew they will order that apple crumble,i choose this :

Passion fruit creme bruléé. And i just looooove it much! Its good to have something fresh and light when there were too much chocolate,hahaha xD

And Mba Dea ordered this for her

I forgot the name...sorry. Mba Dea told me that this is sooo good. I didn't try it but i can see that this one's so yummy.

these are the happy faces


Mba Dea and Me

Soo good to have all of these in a very good price :)).. I am so gonna buy more vouchers ;p

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