Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Coffee Toffee, Graha MIK

My meeting spot yesterday. It was my favorite coffee shop because of the affordable price and quite good coffee.
And now they develop the place into something more cozy,and foods..
Here what we ordered

hot Kopi Nusantara java mocha. Nice flavor but didn't really fit on my taste :)

i forgot what Budi had ordered,but i guess its iced caffe latte with whipped cream. Tasted have to try one.

My other colleague,mba Dea ordered irish coffee. That also tasted good. But it has rhum in it. I know its a rhum for food,but i also know that some people still don't want anything with it :)

Its bitterballen y'all!

the next one with cheese on top

This is what the place looks like

Love this simple place!
And if you want to try other coffee, i recommended you I Need Coffee, Rum Raisin or Choccolacino. Those three are my favorite :)
Too bad i'm having flu,that's why i didn't order them because they all served with ice.

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