Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Holiday Madness

As i mentioned before, my last holiday is the first time ever i did after i wear hijab.
I don't have to tell you about the good times, because it will shows in all of my next posts about Bali :).
What i want to share is about the hard times through holiday with hijab.

First, about packing
If in my previous trip i only brought few one piece dresses, this time was different. I have to brought some more clothes, like mansets, inner hijab, and also the scarves. If i brought cotton loose trousers, i tend to brought another legging for the inner. I just worried that my trousers were too thin so people could see through.
And because i don't have much long sleeves loose shirts, so i can only brought few stripes, and brought more shirts and mansets. They made my suitcase heavier than what i used to.

Second, about Bali
What would you do if you spend your holiday in Bali? Swimming in the ocean? The pool? Late coffee time at the coffee shop? Clubbing?
And most of all, you will wear thin and loose clothes to do all those.
But for hijabers, it's one other thing to think of.

About the beach. I wore long sleeves thin shirt with loose trousers, and cotton scarf and inner. I didn't jump in the water on first day, because i knew i couldn't. My outfit didn't support me much.
I did jump in the water on the last day we went to the beach. At that time, i used long swim pants, and loose top. But i can't swim in the ocean, because i didn't have an inner for swim, also the top.

About the pool. Well, i have to stay by the pool, sitting alone, hearing iPod while my friends having a good time in the pool. Once again, i could not jump in because of my clothes.

The one experience that i remembered most is when my friend's friend came. He is a surfer from Bali. Maybe he was trying to be friendly, or whatever, but i didn't see it clearly. He asked my friend, who wore a shirt to covered her bikini while she's in the pool, to take the shirt off. He also asked me, the one who sat by the pool with hijab on, to take off the clothes and jump in the water. He said: It's Bali!
I was like, smiling politely, but deep inside, i was shocked.

About the club. Fortunately, i don't do clubbing and i'm not clubbers. But in Legian, where all the clubs are there and up until morning, you can't avoid to passed them. With my hijab on, my girl friends, we passed the girls with sexy dresses, upbeat music on the street, and stares from people. It was like, what are you doing hijabers?

About people in the streets. Once i was in Padang-Padang Beach, some guys teased me. One of them said salaam to see my reaction. After i answered with salaam quietly, he said: alhamdulillaah. Then, he said salaam again. I assumed, they did it so that i answered it again.
But i didn't.
It sounded like mocking me, so i choose to keep quiet.
He insisted. He said salaam again.
I still choose to keep quiet, and i couldn't handle my face for being disrupted.
Then he said: ah, you're such an unfaithful woman. Why didn't you answer it?

I just walked away, and promise myself not to kill this man, hehehe ;p

And it wasn't the last time. I got that few more and more and more. It was like surrounding by uneducated people who thinks that mocking at other religion's salaam is cool and funny. Call me cynical, it's fine.

So yeah..the holiday madness almost made me mad. I can't say that i didn't have fun. I have fun there, but some of the facts ruined it as much.

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