Senin, 02 Mei 2011

La Finestra pizza and pasta

Me and hubby decided to try a new place for our dinner today. And we choose La Finestra at jl. Tanjung Karang no.5 jakarta.
From blora,just follow the route to tosari. Its one building before American Grill restaurant.
La Finestra is italian restaurant,owned by Meranti Magsaysay Institute that is located in the same building. Its an institute for hospitality and culinary art.
There were only two or three tables filled with guests when i came.
Quite quiet for dinner time.
I choose the seat that near the window. Then the waiter gave me menu and said that there were special price for spaghetti bolognaise today. We only have to pay 10k for a portion!

nice,huh? :)
LWe also ordered minestrone soup that tastes soo good (my favorite!) i'm not a fan of minestrone,but this one is different.

also barbeque chicken wings that also tastes good..

sauteed mushroom! This one is also my favorite. Its a plate of sauteed mushroom with cream :9

And last but not stick with vanilla ice cream. The pizza sticks were tastes sweet,but i don't really like the ice cream because it has refrigerator smell a bit.

for all of those foods with two bottles of mineral water,we only have to pay 113k!

I'm so gonna go back here again! :))

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