Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

My Therapy

When i write this blog, maybe my Mom is crying..and my hubby is too speechless to reply my sms, so he only sent: I love you :)

This is a story about my hormones therapy. I'm married for two years and still no child yet. A year later, me and hubby decided to check our reproduction to doctor. And they found there was something with my hormones stability. My period schedule is always random. It doesn't happen every month. Sometimes it could be once in six month. So i need to go through a therapy.

At the first hospital, i went for three months therapy, with two rows of medicine. Because that's the only therapy i got, we choose to change our doctor.

In the second hospital, i had to submit for another tests. Like glucose test, HSG and take two kind of medicines every month to boost up my hormones stability.

Today, i went to the doctor for monthly check-up. My period is almost a week late.

When i pray for dzuhur, i asked Allah to gave me good news about my therapy. It will be nice if the good news is pregnancy.

So i went to doctor, convinced myself that i'll be alright for any result today.
When the doctor check on my uterus, i assumed he found a little womb. But he wasn't sure, so he asked me to take an urine test.
I did it, and the result was negative. One stripe only :)

I told my Mum and hubby about this, and as i predicted, they said..it's ok, keep on praying and trying.

Then i text them:
The funny part was, i asked Allah for good news today after dzuhur prayer. And He gave me the news about the uterus sac. The fact that the sac was empty is another thing. I'm so grateful that Allah still reminds me, that He will always answered my prayer. And i believe, this is the best for now :)

I guess that's what makes my Mom hasn't replied my sms yet ;p
And my hubby only answered it with I love you :)

Alhamdulillah, i believe that Allah will always be there for me, listening to my prayers and give the answer as long as i'm ready for it.

Whatever the results for these therapy, i believe it's the best for me, my life, my family and my future insya Allah :D

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  1. hei, I like your post! :) Keep sharing ya. Semoga berhasil dengan terapi hormonnya.
    azza (a mom of 3 kids :p)

  2. Hi Azza, salam kenal..
    thanks for reading..dan terima kasih juga support-nya..
    Wish you will always surrounded by happiness of being a mother ;D