Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

ILUVIA Scarf and Shawl

What is it?
It's my shawl and scarf online shop :))

I started to sell some shawl and scarf in the last three months (if I'm not mistaken). I do want to make a store of my own, but i think i need to start from the small stuff first. Right when i think about it, my friend asked me to help her for hijab photo shoot. From that moment on, i made ILUVIA as an online shop.

Alhamdulillah, it went all quite good :))

So please do visit ILUVIA at http://iluviailuvia.blogspot.com/
Or follow on twitter: @ILUVI_A

Your visit means a lot to me :))

Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Blunt and Straightforward = Care

That's what AboutAquarius said about Aquarian..
and i think those describe me quite right.

Because i used to be blunt and straightforward to people i care about. I don't speak calmly when my dearly friends do something wrong..or make me feel bad. I simply don't want to lie about the truth. The truth about what they did, and how i feel about it. In the end, i still take them the way they are..i will not leave them when the sun goes down.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to take me the way i am :)

Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

I can't Understand Human

I can't understand people..
I can't understand feelings
I can't understand guilt,fear,sad,dissapointment,rejection,hope,happiness,wish,hurt..
All things that quite annoy me.
Why do people have those?
Oh Lord,
YOU are undoubtly almighty
YOU are undoubtly powerful
Allahu Akbar
Please help me to understand these all
Please help me to understand life

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Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Pad Thai

Just had my lunch here at Pad Thai.
Lokasinya di kota,kl dari arah mangga dua,stelah Sun City belok kiri,trus belok kanan,gak jauh di kanan ada si Pad Thai ini deh.
Menunya,ya jelas masakan thailand yess..
Pas bener gue,uliel,chibi,uung dan yani abis ntn film thailand,hehehe..
Di antara yg lain,gue lah yg pertama kali makan di sini. Yg lain udh pernah minimal sekali.
Menunya ada tom yam soup,pad thai (kwetiau gitu) nasi goreng,tumis2an dan beberapa snack macam lumpia,fish cake atau ayam pandan.

Oiya,disini masakannya pedes2..jd pas pesen mending bilang dulu mau pedes,sedeng,atau gak pedes sm sekali.

Gue mesen pad thai tom yam isi ayam

Ini gue pesen yg gak pedes. Bumbu tom yamnya berasa banget. Enak deh. Terus isi toppingnya ada tauge,tahu,jamur,telur sama ayam. I'm totally in love with this. Enak bangetttt :p
Kalo ini adalah kwetiau kerangnya chibi. Enak juga..dan tidak pedayss..

Gw sempet cobain pad tom yam isi seafoodnya uung. Tapi pedes buanget..apalagi ditambahin sambel dan cabe sm dia...aduhh..pedessss :{ tapi enaaak..krn bumbu tom yam plus topping seafood nya passsss..ih gue jatuh cinta deh sm masakan di sini :p

ini yg dipesen Uliel: tom yam beneran..heheehe..yg pedes

Enak,segerr..tp pedesnya satu seruput aja ..gue gak berani lagi hahaha..cemen yaa sayaaa?

Berhubung kita udh pada ngantuk,jd gak sempet lah mesen minum macem2. Cuma uung aja yg pesen thai iced tea ini..dan menurut gue, ini juga eniaaaaaksss

Eh iya lupa..satu lg kita mesen nasi goreng cumi gak pedes. Nah itu juga enak. Ada rasa manis dikit dan gurihhh.
Untuk 3 kwetiau,satu nasgor,satu tom yam,satu thai iced tea,satu es jeruk,satu es teh (refill) plus diskon 10%, kita cuma bayar Rp122.400. Lumayan kann? Hehehe..
Pelayanannya juga oke..penyajiannya cukup cepat pulak.
Salam kecupss lah dari kita nih..akan balik lagi insya Allah..puas banget soalnya :))

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Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

Friends and Manner

As i have mentioned before,i'm married for two years but have no children yet..
In this post,i want to share about my friends and their maner to my condition.
Yes,sometimes they asked about child for chit chat. And when i said i haven't,their face turned pale :)
And i think i'm not the one who feel bad that time. But it's natural. You can't control how people would react towards this condition.

I met Dita,my long lost friend. She's such a nice friend and really good at chit chat-ing. I met her at Brigtspot.
Dita: So, udah 'isi' beloooom?
Me: belom diit,doain yaaa
Dita: iya tenang ajaaa..gw cuma basa basi kok. Jangan down ya Faar..pasti bisaaa *she smiled*
Me: iya iya *smiled back*
Afterward,we chat more about meet up and so on.

She made me feel good about the situation..and made herself feel good also.

Then few months later, i talked to the opposite one. I was just woke up and tweeted something about it. He said something that reminds me of my mom. So i said jokingly: wow,are you my mom?
He said: Kamu udah isi belom?
As he used my preggie matter as joke,i tried to calmed my self down. Even i know its inappropriate.
I said: belum,kan baru bangun,gimana sih?
He replied: laki kamu kurang tokcer ya?

That's was outrageous reply. I was quite surprised by his lack of manner.
So i tweeted back: semoga Tuhan membalas tweet lo amiiiin

Then he once again made fun of it. He said: ampuni saya bundaaaa.

It was the end of conversation. But from that point i can see how people could re act differently based on their empathy..and what i have to fight until God send me a child.
I'm on :))

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Late Lunch

maguro sushiiii...soo delicious :))

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Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

Quality Time :)

Lunch with my girls almost always make me happy. Especially when they miss you in the same amount as you miss them :)
Then a mutual moment happened


thank God she's happy ;)

Until next time girls ;)

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Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

Brussel Spring - Disdus

Finally i got a chance to use this voucher from Disdus. I got sick for few weeks because i insisted not to use any antibiotics.
I have heard about Brussel Spring from my friend,Bobby. She said its a good bistro and her European boyfriend's favorite.
Yesterday i decided to use this voucher for late dinner with Chibi..ye-ay!

When i arrived,my first impression was..this is a neat bistro. White wall,white table and red chairs.

And i love the decoration. They put a lot of toys and pillows :D

The last pic was taken from inside the table. Cute aight?

Chibi with teletubbies pillow.

Me with The Bug pillow..hahaha

My voucher is valued for a portion of waffle and a scoop of ice cream. We were quite confused to choose the flavor,but they nicely let us try.

Chibi choose to try...mm,i forgot the name but it contains vanilla,rhum and chocochips.

The waffle is not like any other that i have tried before. This one is so crispy and soft inside. The ice cream is undoubtly delicious and doesn't melt easily. We both love it!
Then i ordered the savory meal..a Beef Zurich Style.

I looove the mashed potato soooo much! Its so delicious i don't know why..hahaha. Chibi also said that it doesn't look very spicy,but when you eat it,its soo yummy and creamy. The beef also tasty and easy to chew. Well,considering that we both using braces,its a friendly one to us :)

We both agree that these meals worth the price.We ket saying wow and yum while we eat them hahaha. And believe us,we were not exaggerating :)).. Sooo gonna wait to get back here again.

So long! :D

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